Special Movie 「Blue Spirit」

The athletes have become a nostalgic pixel graphic art. This movie expresses a fusion of the video game and the real world.

Special Movie 「HELLO 2020 JET」

This is a movie document about the special painted plane "HELLO 2020 JET" that has started its service from January 29th 2018, with contents including how the design was chosen, how it was painted and the beginning of the flight services.

Special Movie「Athlete Sound」

Run. Throw. Hit. In sports, there are sounds that athletes can only make.

Special Movie 「Athletes View」

If you change your perspective, you will be able to see a new scene. This is a movie which expresses the world that is seen from the athlete's point of view.

Ready for Takeoff

Introducing an athlete interview "Ready for Takeoff".
Featuring Shingo Kunieda (Wheelchair Tennis), Ai Fukuhara (Table Tennis).