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Regarding Confirmation of Boeing 787 Battery Modification Effectiveness

Thank you very much for flying with ANA.

As stated in the third point under "Ensuring Safety" on ANA's Boeing 787 information website, in order to confirm the performance of the modified batteries, one of them is removed from the aircraft at regular intervals (approximately every three months) for comprehensive inspections of their physical conditions and functions. This process is explained in greater detail below.

1. Visual Inspection of External and Internal Conditions
In addition to confirming that the outside of the battery has no signs of abnormalities, the battery lid is removed in order to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the battery's internal components.

2. Performance Confirmation
Testing equipment is used to determine if the battery's voltage is within the expected standard parameters and maintains the necessary electrical resistance. Furthermore, the monitoring system that is installed in the battery is checked using specialized equipment to ensure that it is functioning normally.

ANA plans to continue these battery inspections as we move forward.

All Nippon Airways, Co. Ltd.
June 18, 2015

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