Changes to some scheduled international flight numbers

Please note that the following flight numbers will change from March 29, 2015.
Note: Flight schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Flights with flight number changes from March 29, 2015


Routes Before Change After Change
Narita - Dusseldorf NH941 NH209
Dusseldorf - Narita NH942 NH210
Haneda - London NH277 NH211
London - Haneda NH278 NH212
Haneda - Munich NH275 NH217
Munich - Haneda NH276 NH218

Southeast Asia

Routes Before Change After Change
Narita - Hong Kong NH909 NH809
Hong Kong - Narita NH910 NH810
Narita - Hong Kong NH911 NH811
Hong Kong - Narita NH912 NH812
Narita - Yangon NH913 NH813
Yangon - Narita NH914 NH814
Narita - Manila NH949 NH819
Manila - Narita NH950 NH820
Narita - Delhi NH917 NH827
Delhi - Narita NH918 NH828
Narita - Mumbai NH943 NH829
Mumbai - Narita NH944 NH830
Narita - Ho Chi Minh City NH931 NH831
Ho Chi Minh City - Narita NH932 NH832

China, Korea and Taiwan

Routes Before Change After Change
Haneda - Beijing NH1255 NH961
Beijing - Haneda NH1256 NH962
Haneda - Shanghai (Hongqiao) NH1259 NH969
Shanghai (Hongqiao) - Haneda NH1260 NH970
Kansai - Beijing NH159 NH979
Beijing - Kansai NH160 NH980
Kansai - Shanghai (Pudong) NH155 NH973
Shanghai (Pudong) - Kansai NH156 NH974
Kansai - Shanghai (Pudong) NH153 NH975
Shanghai (Pudong) - Kansai NH154 NH976
Kansai - Qingdao NH157 NH977
Qingdao - Kansai NH158 NH978
Kansai - Hong Kong NH175 NH873
Hong Kong - Kansai NH176 NH874
Nagoya - Hong Kong NH1241 NH875
Hong Kong - Nagoya NH1242 NH876
Haneda - Seoul (Gimpo) NH1161 NH861
Seoul (Gimpo) - Haneda NH1160 NH862
Haneda - Seoul (Gimpo) NH1165 NH865
Seoul (Gimpo) - Haneda NH1162 NH864
Haneda - Seoul (Gimpo) NH1167 NH867
Seoul (Gimpo) - Haneda NH1166 NH868
Narita - Taipei (Taoyuan) NH1083 NH823
Taipei (Taoyuan) - Narita NH1084 NH824
Haneda - Taipei (Songshan) NH1185 NH851
Taipei (Songshan) - Haneda NH1186 NH852
Haneda - Taipei (Songshan) NH1187 NH853
Taipei (Songshan) - Haneda NH1188 NH854

Flights with flight number changes from October 25, 2015


Routes Before Change After Change
Narita - New York NH1010 NH104
New York - Narita NH1009 NH103
Narita - Chicago NH1012 NH114
Chicago - Narita NH1011 NH113
Haneda - Los Angeles NH1006 NH106
Los Angeles - Haneda NH1005 NH105