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ミニトリビア付き!世界全18種 ペンギン図鑑


ミニトリビア付き!世界全18種 ペンギン図鑑


An Illustrated Guide to All 18 Penguin Species

A stellar performer of both the zoo and the aquarium, the penguin is often misunderstood as a creature of the Antarctic ice sheet though many species actually inhabit forests and deserts across the Southern Hemisphere, even building their nests in the eaves of human homes. Only 18 species of penguin exist in the world, so with a little practice you'll be able to tell them apart in no time!

This cute superbird may waddle about on land, but its prowess and agility in the water is second to none. Take an inside look at each species or take our penguin pop quiz now!


ミニトリビア付き!世界全18種 ペンギン図鑑

Infographics by groovisions