General Notes about Awards

Please review the points at the following links before using awards.

Depending on the airline, there may be blackout dates during which award tickets cannot be used. Please confirm these dates when making reservations. The number of seats that can be used with award tickets is limited. (Reservations for award seats may not be available for some flights.)

Asiana Airlines [OZ]

Routes 2016
Domestic Flights within South Korea January 1-3, February 5-10, June 3-6, July 22-August 28, September 13-19, September 30-October 4, December 30-31
International Flights Departing from the United States (excluding Saipan) May 14-July 3, December 5-23
Other information January 1-10, February 5-9, July 16-August 21, September 9-16, December 24-31