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About AMC membership Numbers

The AMC membership Number (10 digits) is an important number that is required for all inquiries as well as for reservations, collecting miles and redeeming miles for awards.

Please note that your membership number will be changed for security reasons, when we re-issue a card. Also, when you change the type of your card, membership number is changed.

Information for customers with newly issued cards

Regarding AMC Customer Numbers

* For ANA Cards, your customer number will be different from your credit card number.

* For ANA Mileage Club Edy Cards and ANA Cards, Edy numbers are written on the back of the card for using the card as e-money "Rakuten Edy". Please note that ANA Mileage Club customer numbers and credit card numbers are different.

Regarding your name

It is required that the name on your card be the same as the name on your passport.
For members using ANA Cards, please use a signature on the back of your card that matches the name on the card.

Regarding your password

Please use the password that was set or entered at the time of enrollment.

Make sure that you are the only one that knows and uses the password; furthermore do not let anyone know your password.

Changing your password

Your password can be changed through 24 hour automated voice service or on ANA SKY WEB. Your new password will be in effect the next time you access your account.

Did you forget your password?

If you forgot your password, you can reset your password through ANA SKY WEB.

Customers with registered e-mail address

After inputting the necessary items for identification verification, an email for setting up a new password will be sent to your registered email address.

For customers who have not registered their email address

After inputting the necessary items for identification verification, a notification will be sent to your registered mailing address by postcard.

* Please be advised that it may take 1 - 2 weeks (2 - 3 weeks for members living outside of Japan) before receiving a postcard.

If you wish to request a password verification or notification, please follow the procedures here.