Plant quarantine information

Today, a number of injurious insects are found overseas that may cause serious damage to agricultural crops and plants in Japan.To prevent them from entering Japan, all plants brought in from overseas are quarantined.The law prohibits travelers from bringing many plants from countries and regions where injurious insects currently not existing in Japan are found, and which have caused serious damage around the world.

Items prohibited from importing

◎ Representative plants (fresh fruits) that cannot be brought into Japan

■ Mango
■ Papaya
■ Lychee
■ Longan
■ Blueberry

■ Mangosteen
■ Rambutan
■ Guava
■ Pitaya (dragon fruit)
■ Cashew nut

■ Lianwu
■ Balsam pear
■ Marrow bean
■ Chili pepper
■ Tomato

◎ Items that cannot be brought into Japan from anywhere in the world

  • "Soil," "Plant with soil attached to it," "Injurious insects that are harmful to plants and subject to quarantine"
  • "Rice straw and unhulled rice (except for those brought in from the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan)"

For the latest information on the plant quarantine program, please refer to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - Plant Protection Station website.