Entering Passport Names

Please have your passport on hand and check the name entered to make sure it is correct.

If your first, last and middle names exceed 60 characters, please contact ANA by phone.

Frequently Encountered Problems

  • ● Your last name has changed through marriage or for another reason
    • ・ If you are using a passport in your previous name, please enter your previous name.
    • ・ You will not be allowed to board if the name on your passport is different from the name on your boarding pass.Please contact the service you used to make the reservation.
  • ● Your passport contains names in brackets
    • ・ Please leave out the name or names in brackets.
      Example: TAKAHASHI ARIN(ALENE) ⇒ First name: ARIN Last name: TAKAHASHI

    • ・ If you want to include the name in brackets, please enter it without the brackets.*
      Example: TAKAHASHI ARIN(ALENE) ⇒ First and middle names: ARINALENE Last name: TAKAHASHI

    • * If names are entered differently on the passport and boarding card, you may be asked to provide an explanation to Immigration at your destination.Customers are responsible for explaining their situation.ANA cannot be held responsible for any difficulties or losses arising from such as situation.