Overseas Job Transfer Service

ANA Mileage Club Overseas Job Transfer Service From departure to coming home, ANA supports you. For One Special Offer for First-time Customers 5,000 Bonus Miles

Customers who fly with ANA when transferring to job assignments outside Japan can select a variety of useful services.
Those who use a normal Flex Fare to depart from Japan can use Basic Compo while those who want greater flexibility can use Service Compo to select services based on a point system.

  • *Requests must be submitted in advance.

Pre-departure Accommodations at ANA Crowne Plaza Narita

Customers, including those who are sending the actual traveler off, can enjoy special rates when staying at the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita prior to the departure date.

Reservations: ANA Crowne Plaza Narita


  • *To use this service, customers must make advance reservations with ANA Crowne Plaza Narita.
  • *When making the reservation, please state that you are using the ANA Mileage Club Overseas Job Transfer Service. You will also need to present your ANA Mileage Club card when checking in.
  • *Limited to only customers who are flying on ANA-operated international flights.

Bonus Miles When Selling Vehicles

Customers who fly with ANA when transferring to job assignments outside Japan and are selling their vehicles to JCM can receive 1,000 miles in addition to the normal amount of miles from the sale.

(Text is available in Japanese only.)

  • *Clicking the link will lead to a non-ANA website, at which point the privacy policy of that website will apply to personal information protection.

Enroll in an ANA Card Outside Japan!

ANA has partnered with financial institutions in the United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to offer locally-issued ANA Cards. In addition to enabling payments in the local currency, these cards can also earn miles based on credit card purchase amounts.

Customers who are requesting Job Transfer Compo services will have their ANA Card USA annual fee (USD 70) waived for the first year!

  • *The annual fee (USD 70) will apply from the second year onward.

Comprehensive Member Benefits Outside Japan

Customers can earn miles and receive discounts on purchases at local partners (hotels, restaurants, etc.).
Please present your ANA Card or AMC Card.

  • *Go to the ANA website, select the relevant country or region, and check the "Member Benefits in Each Area" section of the ANA Mileage Club page.

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