Summary of Assistance Required in the Event of an Emergency Escape

Passengers seated in emergency exit row seats will be requested to assist in the unlikely event that an emergency evacuation is necessary.

Flight attendants will provide specific instructions for any assistance required including the duties set out below .

  • ・Controlling passengers until the flight attendant is able to completely open the emergency exit
  • ・Confirming that the environment outside the aircraft is safe and operating the emergency exit to open it in accordance with flight attendant instructions
  • ・Ensuring that other passengers quickly exit the aircraft once the evacuation slide has been deployed
  • ・Helping other passengers exiting the aircraft at the evacuation slide or below the evacuation hatch
  • ・Verbally directing other passengers to move quickly away from the aircraft
  • ・Other (specific instructions will be given by flight attendants as required)

Please read thoroughly the provided "Safety Instructions" at the earliest available opportunity once you have boarded the aircraft.

Passengers who cannot provide assistance as described above or who are unwilling to do so may not sit in an emergency exit row seat. Thank you for your understanding.

Image showing assistance provided during an emergency evacuation