Tabiwari 55

A discount fare applied to reservations made 55 days prior to departure.
* This fare is unavailable from flights departing on/after Oct, 27 2013.

Tabiwari 55

Passenger Facility Charge (applies only to designated airports) will be added to the fare.
* This fare has limited availability per flight (may not be available on certain flights).

Conditions Reserve and purchase your flight 55 days to 2 months prior to the boarding date.
Purchase deadline Over 58 days prior to the boarding date: within 3 days including the date of reservation.
Between 57 days and 55 days prior to the boarding date: 55 days prior to the boarding date.
*When reserving multiple flights, the purchase due date will be based on the earliest purchase due date segment.
Changes Reservation and itinerary changes are not permitted. Changing to an earlier flight within the same sector is not permitted even if there is an open seat at the departing airport on the boarding date.
Premium class can be used when seats are available on the day of departure by paying surcharge.
Refunds Refundable within 10 days from the day following the reserved flight's departure date.
Refund handling charge (¥420 per ticket) and cancellation charge (50% of the airfare) will be applied to each ticket.
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