Passengers traveling with infants or small children [Domestic Japan Flights]

We provide assistance for passengers traveling with infants or small children.

Assistance for passengers traveling with infants or small children

Image of Assistance for passengers traveling with infants or small children

We provide assistance for passengers traveling with infants or small children to make air travel more comfortable for these people.

How to make a reservation and other procedures


You can assign seats through ANA Website and at ANA Reservation and Information Center when you book and purchase tickets*.

* When two days prior to departure date, passengers cannot choose seating until tickets have been purchased.
* We may not always able to honor your seat request because the number of seats are limited.Please note that your assigned seat may change due to change in aircraft or other reasons.
* Expectant mothers who are expecting delivery in less than 28 days cannot be seated near emergency exits for security reasons.

Guide to traveling with infants

Image of an infant

This guide provides useful information for traveling with infants and the relevant services available at the airport and inside the plane.We hope it will be useful during your flights with ANA.

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At the Departure Airport

Baby strollers

Image of baby stroller

Baby strollers are available for passengers with infants (Type B and Type A/B dual use are available).
Please go to the counter for passengers who need special assistance. Rental strollers can be used as far as the boarding gate.

Passengers wishing to use the baby strollers after arrival must inform the staff at the airport they are flying from on the day of travel.
* Please note that as the number of baby cars available is limited we may not always be able to meet your requests.

Please confirm the items below if you wish to bring your baby stroller on board.

(1) Baby strollers can be brought on board only if they fall within the stipulated size regulations when folded. You can confirm the size regulations for carry-on baggage for Japan domestic flights here.
(2) As only one item of carry-on baggage is allowed per passenger, passengers bringing a baby stroller on board cannot bring other carry-on items with them aside from personal effects such as handbags, cameras or umbrellas.
(3) Please fold and store your baby stroller in a case before passing through the ticket gate. If you do not have a case of your own, our staff will provide you with a plastic bag specifically for use with baggage.

Electric carts (only in Haneda Airport Terminal 2)

Image of electric cart

[Available time] 8:00AM-7:00PM
Passengers with small children who have difficulty walking to the boarding gate can use electric carts in the Departure Gate Area in Haneda Airport Terminal 2.Please ask counter staff for the service on the boarding date.
* Number and use of electric carts is limited.

Priority boarding at the gate

Image of a ticket gate reader

Expectant mothers and passengers traveling with small children under the age of three will be offered priority boarding.
If you wish to use this service, please inform the staff at the boarding gate.
* Please note that priority boarding may not be available depending on the flight conditions.

Inside the Cabin

Lavatory with a table for diaper change

Image of a baby with a diaper

The cabin has a lavatory with a table to change baby diapers*.Paper diapers (sizes M and L) are also available.If you have powdered milk, our cabin crew will be happy to prepare it for you. Please ask one of our staff.
For details about the location of a laboratory with a diaper changing table on each type of airplane, click here

* Some flights of partner airlines are excluded.

Bassinet seat

Image of a bassinet seat in the cabin

The cabin has bassinet seats*.Notify a staff member at the time of reservation if you wish to use one.
Note that the number and position of bassinet seats are limited and there is a weight restriction for the infant (maximum 10kg).
Please note that the service may not be available depending on flight conditions on the day of departure.

* ANA flights (Boeing 737-500/Airbus A320/Bombardier DHC8-Q400) and some flights of partner airlines are excluded from this service.
* Please note that bassinets may differ depending on aircraft.

Goods for children (ANA original toys)

Image of Airplane Balloon

ANA original toys are prepared for your little ones to make the journey more enjoyable.

* Sample image

Reliable service in the cabin

Image of uniform

We will gladly assist you with stowing your luggage.Please feel free to ask our cabin crew.
Please do not hesitate to contact our cabin crew if you need further assistance.

  • * Equipment specially designed for airplanes is available on board.Please take care that children do not trap their fingers in the "armrests" or "tray tables."
    Please feel free to ask the flight attendants for help at any time.
  • Image of warning for children not to trap their fingers

Take care not to trap your fingers.
Please be aware of your children's safety

At the arrival airport

Priority Return of Strollers

We will return customers' strollers we receive at the counter at departure first, at the airport on arrival, following the hand luggage of "premium customers" and "customers of premium class boarding".
* The other hand luggage you left with the stroller will be returned normally.

Notes on Using the Service


Age of child Accompanying Passenger Seats Tickets
Less than 8 days after birth - Not permitted to travel. -
8 days -1 years old Required 1. The infant must be seated on an adult's lap. Not required
8 days -1 years old Required 2. The infant can be seated in a seat.Please hold him/her on your lap while the Seat Belt sign is turned on. Required
8 days - 1 years old Required 3. The infant can also be seated alone in a child seat. Required
2 years old Required 1. The infant must be seated on an adult's lap. Not required
2 years old Required 2. The infant can be seated in a seat. Required
2 years old Required 3. The infant can also be seated alone in a child seat. Required


Age of child Accompanying Passenger Seats Tickets
3-5 years old Required The child must be seated in a seat. Required
6-7 years old Not required The child must be seated in a seat.If there are no accompanying passengers, please use ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors) . Required
8-11 years old Not required The child must board alone and will be provided a seat. Required
  • * Customers should provide their own child seat.Please see "Child seats" for information on carry-on child seats.

Infants and toddlers (aged from 8 days or more to under 3 years)

  • ・Infants and toddlers are to be accompanied by a passenger at least 12 years of age.
  • ・ The number of infants allowed on board is limited. So, please let us know about it when reserving and purchasing your flight tickets.
  • ・One adult may accompany up to two infants below the age of 3.However, you should purchase an airline ticket for at least one of your children to let the child sit down alone in a child seat (A 2-year-old child can sit down alone without a child seat).
  • ・ An boarding pass for infant is needed for children under three years old who do not use any seat. So, please notify our airport staff when boarding.
    • * Passengers who received an e-ticket itinerary/receipt for infant when purchasing a ticket at an ANA domestic airport counter or via a travel agent (excluding certain vendors) can take advantage of SKiP Service.
  • ・For safety reasons, seats on emergency exits rows are not permitted.
  • ・Passengers traveling with an infant may not be seated in the same section as another passenger traveling with an infant due to limitations of oxygen masks.If there is more than one passenger traveling with an infant, please assign seats in a different row or a section across from the aisle.Please hold your infant in your assigned seat.
  • ・If you wish to use a bassinet, please contact the reservation center.
    • * Please note that the number of bassinets is limited depending on the plane.

Passengers may not be allowed to travel if the flight might change the destination due to weather conditions, etc. or if the conditions may be considered to effect on the passenger's health during the flight.


Business hours:6:30-22:00 (All year around)

Tokyo 03-6741-1120
Osaka 06-7637-6679

Dial a number above and select "1" when the automated voice system is prompted.

For passengers who require assistance

For your pleasant journey, ANA is happy to help you.

Pregnant women

We provide assistance for expectant mothers.

ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors)

We provide assistance for children aged 6 to 7 years old (up to 11 years old, if requested) traveling alone.

Elderly passengers

We provide assistance for elderly passengers.

Passengers traveling with pets

We provide “Special support” to assist passengers traveling with a much-loved pet.

The ANA Group provides assistance for passengers who are ill, injured, or disabled to assure safe, secure and comfortable travel.