ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors) [Domestic Japan Flights]

Offering ANA Junior Pilot to assist children traveling alone on domestic flights between departure airport and the arrival airport.

  • As of 1th April 2016, ANA has changed "ANA Easy Travel for Kids" to "ANA Junior Pilot".

ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors)

ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors) for Kids Service Image

ANA Junior Pilot is offered to assist children
6 to 7 (up to 11) years of age traveling alone
on domestic flights from departure all the way to arrival.

How to Make a Reservation / About the Procedure


You can select your seat(s) when making reservations and purchases* on the ANA website, mobile site, and the ANA Reservation and Information Center.
*Note, however, that from 3 days prior to (and including) your boarding date, you will need to purchase your ticket before you can specify your seats.
*Please note that your assigned seat may change due to aircraft changes or other reasons beyond ANA's control.
*Children under 15 years of age are unable to use an emergency exit row seat for safety reasons.

*We recommend reserving a seat in the back in order to allow our flight attendants to make themselves available upon arrival to accompany Passengers using ANA Junior Pilot.

For customers applying through the ANA website
Please register using ANA Junior Pilot Registration under the reservations menu.
After entering the required items, please confirm all the information is correct and complete your registration.

Advance Preparation

"Passengers using ANA Junior Pilot" must submit a Consent and Release Form.

Even if you have not registered for ANA Junior Pilot on the ANA website, you can still use this service.
Simply print out the application form as well as the Consent and Release Form, complete the required fields, and bring both forms with you to the airport.
Both forms must be signed by the passenger's parent or guardian.
* Please download the forms with the passenger's consent. You will be able to directly enter the required information into the PDF forms after downloading them.

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At the Departure Airport


Easy Travel for Kids Badge Holder Image
  • 1. Complete this process at the counter for passengers who need special assistance*1 at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time.
    See the counter for passengers who need special assistance at the airport here.
  • 2. We will offer "Kid's Travel Instruction Card"*2 with dedicated card holder for the passenger applying for this programme upon check-in.
    Please make sure this badge holder is worn until the child meets with the parent/guardian at the arrival airport.
  • *1 Automated Check-in Machines cannot be used to check in.We recommend checking in earlier during the summer and winter vacation seasons, and other holidays when airports are especially crowded.
  • *2 A "Kid's Travel Instruction Card" is included in the badge holder that summarizes important points from boarding the plane to arrival.
    See "Kid's Travel Instruction Card" here.

Safety Precautions:

Some mobile phones for kids have a particular setting that automatically turns the power on from time to time for sending its location, even though the power was turned off.
Please turn the phone off completely before boarding.

[Kids PHONE]
・NTT docomo 「Kids' PHONE」
・au「Junior PHONE」
・softbank「Mimamori PHONE」

Pre-boarding processing service

Image of a ticket gate reader

Parents/Guardians should escort children to the boarding gate.
* For security purposes, only one parent/guardian may escort a child to the boarding gate.

Customers using the ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors) will be given boarding priority.Notify a staff member at the gate.
Please accept our apologies in the event that you are boarded last.
*This service may not be available due to flight status.

Inside the cabin

Image of Airplane Balloon

ANA original goods for kids are available during the flights.
Feel free to contact your cabin crew.
* Limited stock only.Please accept our apology if it is out of stock.

Upon arrival, we kindly ask that the child remain seated until escorted by the cabin crew.
* Sample image

At the arrival airport

Airport arrival lobby image

Our staff will escort the child to the arrival lobby.
We will ask the person who is picking up the child to sign the release form.Please wait for the person picking you up at the meeting place.

【To Persons Sending Off and Picking Up Child】
Register to "E-Mail Service" to get notifications about the child's flight departure and arrival times.

Terms of Use

This service applies to children ages 6-7 (up to 11) who are traveling without an accompanying passenger age 12 or older.
Please be sure to arrange someone to send off and pick up at both departure and arrival airports.

Age Accompanying Adult (age 12 or older) Use of Service ANA Junior Pilot
3-5 years old Required Cannot be used.
6-7 years old Not needed Required.
8-11 years old Not needed Not needed (Your child can board by him/herself, but ANA Junior Pilot is still available upon request.)

Notes on Using the Service

  • * Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by a passenger over 12 years of age.
  • * Your child may not be allowed to board the aircraft if there is an indication that the flight may not operate as scheduled due to the weather conditions, etc.
  • * Please note it is necessary to sign the consent and release form that states that the minor is able to understand and follow the instructions of the carrier's staff, and he/she is able to take care of him/herself.
  • * ANA Junior Pilot holder will be distributed.Please make sure he/she wears the badge around his/her neck.


Business hours: 6:30-22:00 (All year around)

Tokyo 03-6741-1120
Osaka 06-7637-6679

Dial a number above and select "1" when the automated voice system is prompted.

For passengers who require assistance

For your pleasant journey, ANA is happy to help you.

Pregnant women

We provide assistance for expectant mothers.

Passengers traveling with infants or small children

We provide assistance for passengers traveling with infants and/or toddlers.

Elderly passengers

We provide assistance for elderly passengers.

Passengers traveling with pets

We provide “Special support” to assist passengers traveling with a much-loved pet.

The ANA Group provides assistance for passengers who are ill, injured, or disabled to assure safe, secure and comfortable travel.