Japan Domestic Flight Mileage
Retroactive Registration

If you forget to register in advance or if your booked flight is changed or you are upgraded at the airport on the day of your flight, your miles after boarding may not accumulate or discrepancies may arise in the number of miles accumulated. If this happens, take any of the following steps within 6 months of boarding (valid postmark required for documents sent by mail).
The miles will be credited to your account as soon as we verify your boarding.
* Miles from flights taken prior to becoming a member can also be registered if the confirmation documents are received within 6 months of the flight (valid postmark required).
[To members-only functions / phones]
●Applying to members-only functions
To members-only functions

●Applying by phone
ANA Mileage Club Service Center
* Registration is possible within 6 months of the afternoon of the day after you boarded your flight.
* Always retain your confirmation documents until you have confirmed that your miles have been registered.

Apply by mailing the necessary documents

Mail the confirmation documents and this form with your ANA Mileage Club customer number and name to the following address.

[ Mail address for Retroactive Registration ]

Documents required for retroactive registration

Boarding pass (original)

Pink receipt

* If the date you apply is more than 6 months after the boarding date, we cannot accept Retroactive Registration. * Retroactive Registration application is eligible for those who have completed membership procedures (the Retroactive Registration application alone does not equate to a membership application). * Documents mailed to the Retroactive Registration Desk will not be returned. Please send the original documents and keep copies for your personal records as necessary. * Please note that Retroactive Registration cannot be accepted if even one confirmation document is not received. * Please allow approximately 2 weeks to complete a transaction when applying by mail for an itinerary which includes ANA Japan Domestic Flights only ( Approximately one month when applying by postal mail for travel which includes boarding on both ANA International Flights and Partner Airline flights.) * When applying by mail, postage for Retroactive Registration applications is the responsibility of the customer. Please note that refunds of postal fees cannot be made. * Retroactive Registration is possible from the day after your flight.