ANA International Flight Mileage
Retroactive Registration
Retroactive registration for flight mileage on International Flights are accepted on ANA SKY WEB and by calling, or by using postal mail service.
Please complete the application for retroactive registrations after three days and within 6 months from the boarding date when your ANA number was not registered in advance or miles are not earned after boarding due to system reasons, etc.
* Retroactive registration request is accepted for the flight mileage before enrolling into the ANA Mileage Club within 6 months of the flight date. * Processing time may take 1 month when applying by mail. * Accrual results can be confirmed immediately after completing the registration through the ANA SKY WEB.
[Way of Application]
Applying to members-only functions
To members-only functions
* Please click here to see more details about the application method when using the member's-only functions.

Applying by phone
ANA Mileage Club Service Center

Apply by mailing the necessary documents

Mail the confirmation documents and this form with your ANA Mileage Club customer number and name to the address here. * We can only accept the documents when they are sent by regular mail. Documents sent by e-mail or courier service are not accepted. * Retroactive registration requests by mail must arrive by 6 months of the flight date to our desk on after July 1st, 2011’s arrival. * Please note that for code share flights on partner airlines, registration is not possible if even one of the confirmation documents is missing. * You will not be contacted directly regarding the status of your Retroactive Registration. Please refer to the ANA SKY WEB members-only functions and statements for updates.
Documents required for retroactive registration
Applications are accepted within 6 months after boarding if you have the following three items with you.

(1) e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt including, air ticket number, fare information, booking class, etc. or air ticket passenger receipt. (2) Boarding Pass (original) *1
(3) Memo with written AMC number and name *2
* You can click here PDFto download a memo note form.
* Adobe Reader (free of charge) is required to read PDF FilePDF Format.
*1: Not required for customers who used a mobile boarding pass through the mobile phone service "CLICK mobile check-in." *2: Not required when applications are made using the ANA web page

e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt or air ticket passenger receipt (a copy is acceptable)


Boarding pass (original)


A memo stating your name and ANA Mileage Club number

* We cannot accept submissions postmarked later than 6 months after boarding. In addition, customers who have applyed for membership are eligible for retroactive registration. (Simply applying for retroactive registration does not qualify as applying for membership.)
* The status of retroactive registration can be confirmed on ANA SKY WEB. Inquiries such as accrual status, etc. are not answered individually.
* Retroactive registrations will be available from 3 days after your flight date.
<Notes for applications made using postal mail services>
* Documents mailed to the Retroactive Registration Desk will not be returned under any circumstances. Please send the original documents after making copies for your personal records as necessary.
* Please note that Retroactive Registration cannot be accepted if even one confirmation document is not received.
* When applying by mail, postage for Retroactive Registration applications is the responsibility of the customer. Please note that refunds of postal fees cannot be made.
* When applying by mail, only postal mail can be accepted. Document delivery service or parcel delivery service are not acceptable.
<Notes for applications on ANA SKY WEB>
* Please apply through "Retroactive Registrations for Mileage (Japan Domestic Flights)" for ANA Japan Domestic Flights.
* The session will time-out after 30 minutes of inactivity and the information entered will not be saved.
* You can check the status of your retroactive registration on ANA SKY WEB. To members-only functions