Using miles

Enjoy a wide variety of awards with ANA Mileage Club!

Flight Awards

You can enjoy travel within Japan with as little as 7,500 miles. Visit anywhere in Japan that suits your fancy.
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You can enjoy international travel with as little as 12,000 miles. Fly ANA International Group flight and visit Asia, Europe, or North America, depending on your miles.
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Starting at 20,000 miles, you can enjoy traveling on our large network of partner airlines.
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Upgrade Awards

Upgrades are available with redemptions of 12,000 miles or more. Move up to Business Class or First Class and enjoy your flight in comfort.
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With as little as 12,000 miles, you can upgrade on flights flown by Star Alliance member airlines. Enjoy full inflight services on your flight anywhere in the world!
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Other Awards

Redeem 10,000 miles for a 10,000 Japanese yen value voucher or 12,000 miles for a 15,000 Japanese yen value voucher. The value voucher can be used for ANA Japan Domestic and International Flight Tickets, or when shopping at ANA FESTA (airport shops), etc.
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