ANA Value Vouchers (Coupon)

Here you can find the information on the required mileage, terms of use, and how to apply for "ANA Value Vouchers (Coupon)".

ANA Mileage Club   New Enrollment   No initial fee and no annual fee
ANA Value Vouchers (Coupon)

ANA Value Vouchers are Coupons for paying for airline tickets, lodgings and in-flight shopping among other things.

There are countless ways to use them. Pay for airline tickets and in-flight shopping or even stays and meals at IHG/ANA co-branded hotels and ANA hotels.

General notes on awards
Please check the following notes on award usage.
Notes for Award Redemption Information about Award User Registration

List of goods

* You will earn predetermined mileage and premium points when flying with tickets received in exchange with ANA Value Vouchers (Coupon).


* ANA Value Vouchers (Coupon) cannot be used at hotels other than IHG/ANA co-branded hotels and ANA hotels or at travel agencies outside the ANA Group.

Please check the "Terms of Use" and "List of goods" before applying to redeem awards.
Terms of Use   List of goods   Redemption procedure