Tickets (e-Tickets/electronic tickets)

A ticket is either an e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt or electronic flight coupon issued by a carrier or designated agency. The purchase of a ticket concludes a carriage contract between the operating airline(s) and the customer.

The passenger’s flight ticket information is stored by ANA as an electronic flight coupon, a copy of which is given to the passenger in the form of an e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt. At the airport counter on the day of departure, a boarding pass is given to the passenger upon confirmation of all the necessary immigration documents, e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt, and any official documents (e.g. passport).

- e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt -

An e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt is an A4-sized receipt containing the applicable fare/ticket information and itinerary.

Sample e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt

Note: This is a sample e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt only.

EMDs (Electronic Miscellaneous Documents)

An EMD is an electronic certificate issued by a carrier or designated agency. The EMD is of the value indicated on the front, and it is issued as a coupon to be used for the purpose described thereon, or for handling fees. Depending on the currency used for its payment, currency restrictions may prohibit the EMD being used in countries other than the country of purchase.

◇ Example usage
Reservations change fee
Upon changing a reservation, an EMD may be issued as a receipt for the amount already paid as a handling fee for making the change.

Refundable balances and residual value
Please apply for a refund at the location where you originally purchased your ticket.

Unspecified transportation
This can be used to pay for a flight ticket or excess baggage ticket under the passenger name shown on the EMD.

This is issued as a receipt upon upgrade that shows the required amount of miles or upgrade points to be deducted.

Sample EMD

Note: This is a sample EMD Passenger Receipt only.

Note: Please contact your nearest ANA Branch Office for inquiries concerning previously issued MCOs.

Ticket/EMD rules

  • (1) Non-transferable
    • Tickets and EMDs are valid only for the customer indicated thereon. Changes/transfers are not permitted.
  • (2) Documents required for boarding
    • You must present "e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt" and "EMD Passenger Receipt" for the relevant flight or service.
  • (3) Validity period
    • 1. Tickets
      Tickets purchased at regular fares are valid for one year from the departure of the first flight sector (or the issuance date if unused). Special fares have different validity periods that apply accordingly.
    • 2. EMD
      An EMD is valid for one year from the date it is issued.
  • (4) Order of use
    Tickets must be used in the order indicated thereon, starting from the original departure location. If any sectors are unused, the ticket will become invalid (including any remaining unused sectors).

Ticket service charge

Tickets newly issued over phone with an ANA customer service representative or at an ANA airport counter will as a rule incur a designated ticket service charge per passenger per ticket (may include multiple sectors within the ticket). Ticket service charges do not apply for EMD issuance.