Contact ANA

Customer Service Center, the Americas

If you are calling from the 50 States, Brazil:

For inquiries regarding International Reservations
[Phone Number] 1-800-235-9262 (Toll-free)
[Business Hours] 24 hours, open daily

* Please contact the phone number above for assistance with ANA International Award Tickets, Partner Airline Award Tickets and ANA International Upgrade Awards.
* For those who cannot dial the toll-free number above, 310-782-3011 (charged) is also available.

For inquiries regarding ANA Mileage Club
[Phone Number] 1-800-235-9262 (Toll-free)
[Business Hours] open daily, 5:00AM ~ 6:00PM (Pacific Time)

* Please note that you may be charged for an access fee by the local provider when calling the toll-free number using hotel phones, mobiles and landlines.

For customers with disabilities
[Phone Number] 1-800-262-2230 (Toll-free)
[Business Hours] 24 hours, open daily

* For customers who are hearing or speech impaired, please dial 711 on your telephone to place a relay service call to 1-800-262-2230.
* Inquiries via e-mail: click Inquiry form for passengers with disabilities

Comments & Inquiries

For e-mail, please click we value your feedback.
* Please be informed that we are unable to correspond to new booking, changes or cancellation of your reservation from this online form.

For the mailing address, please see below:

ANA Customer Relations & Services, The Americas
21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 200
Torrance, CA 90503

* We do not have a walk-in facility at above address. For inquiries or assistance with your reservation, please contact the telephone number above.

Regarding Retroactive Registration

After you have logged in, please attach your confirmation documents and register your retroactive mileage on the Retroactive Mileage Registration page.
* For details regarding documents required for retroactive registration, please click Retroactive Registration.

Airport Lost and Found

For items lost on board, please contact the airport Lost and Found.

United States Department of Transportation (DOT)
Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement

Postal Mail: 1200 New Jersey Ave SE , Washington, DC 20590