Information when entering your name when making reservations

For international travel, the name on the passport must match the name on the boarding ticket. Failure to provide proper documentation will prevent the passenger from boarding their flight.
After registering your name through reservation system, the name can not be changed (including to change the order of last and first names or to make spelling corrections). Please take note of the following.

Examples how to enter your name
Muslim names:
(male) Muhhamad Hussin Bin Rahman → MUHHAMADHUSSIN/BINRAHMAN
(female) Nur Aishah Binte Abdul Aziz → NURAISHAH/BINTEABDULAZIZ

Indian names:
(male) Sanjay s/o Subramaniam → SANJAY/SOSUBRAMANIAM
(female) Devi d/o Sinnaka → DEVI/DOSINNAKA

Frequently Encountered Problems

  • ● Your last name has changed through marriage or for another reason
    If you are using a passport in your previous name, please enter your previous name.
  • ● When the name printed on the ANA Mileage Club card and the name of the passport are different
    Please make necessary arrangements so that two names match prior to making a reservation.
    Please edit or change the name on your card through the ANA Mileage Club Service Center.
  • ● You have a long name and/or have either no first or last name
    • ・Up to 48 characters can be entered for first and last names combined. (The total number of characters for the first name and the middle name combined must be 25 or fewer.)
    • ・2 or more characters must be entered for a last name.
      If your name does not meet the conditions above or if you do not have a first or last name, please contact ANA via telephone.
  • ● Your passport contains names in parentheses
    • ・Please omit the name in parentheses.
      Example: TAKAHASHI ARIN(ALENE) ⇒ First name(​​Given Name) : ARIN Last name(Family Name) : TAKAHASHI

    • * If your name on your ticket does not exactly match your passport name, you may be questioned by the Immigrations officer. Please note that you will need to provide an explanation on your own. ANA assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any problems which may occur as a result.