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ANA Fine Dining & Bar

Enjoy cuisine that goes beyond the realm of in-flight dining.

To ANA, a "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate.With the professional expertise of master chefs, beverage specialists and ANA chefs, we open new frontiers in the art of dining 30,000 feet in the sky.
Welcome to the finest dining experience, only available on ANA.

Meals Served from September to November 2017 (Partial)

Japanese Cuisine ~Washoku~

Image of Chiso Sottaku

Chiso Sottaku

Cherishing a core principle of the Japanese tea ceremony, “ichi-go ichi-e” (a once-in-a-lifetime meeting), Chiso Sottaku serves delicacies with hospitality deriving from consideration for guests when serving simple meals before a tea ceremony. Savor a meal with flavors reflecting ingredients selected and cooked with due care.

Applicable routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Manila (Except for certain routes)

Chiso Sottaku

Shigemitsu Nishizuka

International Cuisine

Pierre Hermé Paris

Pierre Hermé Paris

Pierre Hermé has been named The World’s Best Pastry Chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy. Gourmet sweet fans the world over rave about his creative works using the art of pastry. Allow your taste buds to be tantalized by this "Picasso of Pastry" and his extraordinary world of tastes, sensations and pleasures.

Applicable routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to North America, Europe, Mexico, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and India (Except for certain routes)

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

Restaurant Ryuzu

Restaurant Ryuzu

Enjoy the taste of a Michelin-starred French restaurant, Restaurant Ryuzu.
Savor a meal cooked meticulously by paying the utmost respect to each individual ingredient.

Applicable routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to Europe (except for late-night flights), India, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur (Except for certain routes)

Ryuta Iizuka

Ryuta Iizuka

Local specialties of Iwate

Image of local specialties

ANA’s Original

Iwate Prefecture is a kingdom of food produce grown in a vast, lush natural environment, ranging from the Sanriku Coast to the Ou Mountains.
The main dish, smoked salmon, is the bounty of a river in Miyako City located in the Sanriku area recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
This meal imparts a pleasant flavor, pairing well with both Japanese sake and white wine.

Applicable routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur (Except for late-night flights)

ANA Japanese Chefs

ANA Japanese Chefs


Image of alcoholic beverage supplier

Ned Goodwin and Katsuhito Inoue: Wines picked by Goodwin and Inoue will be served.
Kazuhiko Ota: Japanese sake selected by Ota will be served.

ANA Wine Selection

Light Dishes

We invite you to enjoy light dishes whenever you want. You will also find these dishes are a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages.

Image of stewed vegetable and sautéed mushroom topped with soft-cooked egg and pie crust

Stewed vegetable and sautéed mushroom topped with soft-cooked egg and pie crust

This item is created by Ryuta Iizuka, the owner and chef of Restaurant Ryuzu.
Seven different types of vegetables are slowly stewed to impart sweet flavors and served topped with a soft-cooked egg. Sautéed mushrooms are placed between the simmered vegetables and the egg. The toasted pie crust on top of all the ingredients adds a different texture.

Applicable routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to North America, Europe, and Mexico (Except for late-night flights and flights to Honolulu)

Image of Ippudo Ramen Daichi

Daichi - Rich miso ramen

A healthier version of miso ramen made with thick, flat noodles, with a soybean topping that reproduces the texture and flavor of meat. Savor the depth and richness of the nostalgic flavor of miso.

Applicable routes: Flights from North America to Japan (except Mexico/Honolulu), and from Japan to Europe, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Mumbai, and Oceania

Image of Ippudo Ramen Soraton

Soraton - Tonkotsu in the skies (pork broth ramen)

Savor this luscious combination of thick broth, extra-thin noodles and fragrant sesame-based oil.

Applicable routes: Flights from Japan to Mexico, Singapore, Bangkok, and North America (except Honolulu)

Image of Arare, halal symbol

Rice crackers "Arare"

Enjoy the traditional Japanese rice crackers "Arare".
(Suitable for Vegetarians and Halal Certified)

Image of Tsuruhashi Fugetsu okonomiyaki
Image of pork cutlet curry
Image of à la carte western food

Special Beverages on board

Sit back and relax with our carefully selected beverages.


■ ANA Original Wine

The ANA original blends produced by Ned Goodwin, a world-celebrated “Master of Wine.” Ned Goodwin MW possesses a broad knowledge of wines from across the globe, opting for McLaren Vale and sustainably farmed vineyards across South Australia, to draw upon vast reservoirs of very old vines and alternative varieties, to craft these delicious blends. ANA’s Bespoke wines are served for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

White: Nymph South Australia Ned Goodwin MW Selection 2017 (South Australia, Australia)
This mid-weighted, dry white boasts a multitude of textural detail, mid-palate warmth and pulsating length. The Fiano component spent 10 days on skins to confer bite, colour and vivid aromas of apricot pith, ginger, quince, anise and thyme. The Frontignac provides an exotic lift of lychee, florals and spice, leaping from the glass; while the Vermentino imbues breadth, and the Chenin, a crunchy energy.

Period: September 2017 to August 2018 (Planned)
Applicable routes: North America, Europe, Mexico, Oceania, India, and Southeast Asia routes

Image of white wine

Red: Sylph South Australia Ned Goodwin MW Selection 2017 (South Australia, Australia)
This wine imparts Bing cherry, black plum, and orange zest, all riding shotgun on a chassis of cardamom, clove and exotic spice. The judicious use of stems in the fermentation imparts a tapestry of spicy, moreish tannins melded to bright, maritime freshness. Juicy and dry, this is best drunk in large drafts.

Period: September 2017 to August 2018 (Planned)
Applicable routes: North America, Europe, Mexico, Oceania, India, and Southeast Asia routes

Image of red wine

Japanese sake

■ Kakurei Junmai Ginjo (Aoki Shuzo, Niigata Prefecture)
From a brewery rooted for 300 years in the snowy terrain of Uonuma, a region known for its delicious rice.
A perfect meal accompaniment combining light, crisp flavors with proper acidity and bite.

Period: September 2017 to February 2018 (Planned)
Applicable routes: North America (except for Honolulu), Europe, Mexico, Oceania, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and India routes

Image of Kakurei Junmai Ginjo

■ Jurokudai Kuroemon Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (Yukawa Shuzoten, Nagano Prefecture)
A local sake first brewed in 1650. Served for centuries at a medieval post station on a mountainous Kiso Road. Appreciated for its simple, ever-evolving flavors with a generous mid-palate and clear, beautiful finish.

Period: September 2017 to November 2017 (Planned)
Applicable routes: Phnom Penh, Yangon, Saigon, and Hanoi routes

Image of Jurokudai Kuroemon

In-flight meals for inbound flights to Japan

Menus created in collaboration with a well-known, representative restaurant or hotel from the area in question are available in Business Class on some routes for inbound flights to Japan.

Meal/Drink Menu

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Special dietary requirements

A wide selection of special meals are available for your children or to meet your specific dietary requirements.