Travel Product Purchases

Eligible Products

Domestic Travel

  • ANA Sky Holiday(Domestic Package Tours)
  • ANA Dynamic Package Tours - Tabisaku
  • ANA Wonder Earth(Domestic Package Tours)
  • Web-exclusive Tours
  • ANA Ikkyu Pack(Domestic Dynamic Package Tours)

International Travel

  • ANA Hallo Tour(International Package Tours)
  • ANA Dynamic Package Tours - Tabisaku
  • ANA Mileage Club Member-exclusive Tours
  • ANA Otonano Yutori Tabi(International Package Tours)
  • ANA Wonder Earth(International Package Tours)
  • Web-exclusive Tours
  • *Only available through ANA Sales Co., Ltd. Not handled by regular travel agencies.
  • *Reservations through the @Hotel, @Rent-a-car, and Hotels & Travel Options services are not eligible.



  • The ANA Value Vouchers are delivered to you.

  • Travel product reservation and redemption procedures are provided through the website or by telephone.

How to Make a Reservation

Please make the reservation through the ANA Sky Web Tour website, or call the ANA Sky Holiday Reservation and Information Center or ANA Mileage Club International Tours Desk to do so. (Text is available in Japanese only.)

Reservations Through the Website

ANA Sky Web Tour Website
Search for and reserve both domestic and international tours.

Reservations by Telephone

Japan Domestic Package Tour Reservations

International Package Tour Reservations

  • *Only available through ANA Sales Co., Ltd. Not handled by regular travel agencies.
  • *For reservations which are made through the website within 28 days of departure (35 days for International Travel), payment methods are limited to credit cards and ANA SKY COINS (including part payments).
  • *As a general rule, reservations by telephone are only accepted until 28days prior to the desired departure date.
  • *Please make reservations after receiving the ANA Value Vouchers.
  • *ANA Value Vouchers cannot be used for some special promotion products. For more information, please contact the ANA Reservation and Customer Service Center.
  • *Please check the pamphlet for the relevant travel product to check the applicable reservation periods.
  • *ANA Value Vouchers are not accepted if reservations are not made through the points of contact listed above.

Itinerary Delivery and Payment

Itinerary Delivery

Customers who made reservations by telephone:
Please send the ANA Value Vouchers via regular or simplified registered mail to the designated address (provided after the reservation has been made). When doing so, make sure that they arrive by the date stipulated at the time of the reservation.
After the ANA Value Vouchers have been received and payment has been confirmed, the itinerary and other required materials will be sent to you.

  • Please use ANA Travel Vouchers or credit cards to pay the balance if there are any price differences.
    • *ANA Card discounts are not eligible. Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts such as Shareholder Courtesy Discounts.
  • If the face value of the ANA Value Vouchers exceeds the price of the travel product, no change will be given.

Reservation Changes

Only 1 departure date or tour plan change will be accepted within the validity period of the ANA Value Vouchers.


When canceling a tour which was paid with ANA Value Vouchers, the cancellation charge will be deducted and Revised Travel Vouchers will be issued for the remaining amount.

  • *Revised Travel Vouchers can only be used 1 time within the validity period of the corresponding ANA Value Vouchers. Revised Travel Vouchers are not reissued for any reason.
  • *Refunds are not provided in the form of cash or ANA Value Vouchers. In addition, miles which had been redeemed for ANA Value Vouchers will not be credited back to the mileage account.
  • *If a tour is canceled due to a flight cancellation that was caused by equipment malfunctions, etc., ANA Value Vouchers will be returned.
  • *If a tour is canceled due to a flight cancellation that was caused by poor weather, Revised Travel Vouchers will be issued. Refunds of amounts paid by means other than ANA Value Vouchers will be provided in accordance with the travel terms and conditions.

About Mileage Accrual

Customers who purchase tour products with ANA Value Vouchers can earn the designated amount of miles.