Important Notice for Passengers Traveling to Japan - Updates to the required COVID-19 negative test certificate before departure

Information as of 23:00JST,June 10th,2022.

The Japanese government has announced the following updates regarding the required information for the COVID-19 negative test certificate to enter Japan, effective June 10, 2022 (Japan time).

All passengers traveling to Japan (including Japanese nationals) are required to present a valid, negative COVID-19 test result at their departure country before boarding.

Although there is no specific format for the negative test result certificate, you may use the format provided by the government, otherwise, the test certificate must be written in Japanese or English with all conditions met in order to be considered valid.

Test certificates are valid only if they meet the following conditions:

① Name

② Date of birth

③ Test method (see Note 1 for valid test methods)

④ Type of specimen collected (see Note 2 for valid sample collection methods)

⑤ Date and time of specimen collection (see Note 3)

⑥ Result

⑦ Name of medical institution

⑧ Date of issuance of the certificate

(Note 1) Valid test methods:

・Nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT: Nucleic Acid Amplification Test)*1
・Antigen quantification test (Quantitative Antigen Test (CLEIA, ECLIA, etc.))*2

*1 Nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) includes PCR and LAMP methods.
*2 Not a qualitative antigen test (Qualitative Antigen Test).

(Note 2) Acceptable/valid specimens:
・Nasopharyngeal swab
・Nasal swab (limited to nucleic acid amplification test)
・Mixture of nasopharyngeal swab and oropharyngeal swab

(Note 3) The period between the date of specimen collection and the scheduled departure time of the flight must be within 72 hours.

Please click here for details. The test certificate template can be found here (English/Japanese version).

Please be sure to prepare all necessary documents when you travel to Japan.

You can pre-register for airport quarantine procedures before departure with the Fast Track app. With this app you can complete some quarantine procedures before you enter Japan, such as verifying negative results for the test taken within 72 hours before departure, a written pledge and questionnaire.

Please refer to the checklist for the details of the required documents for both entering Japan and the U.S.

For the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Home Page, click here

Check if the Quarantine Measures apply to you

June 10, 2022
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