THE Suite
B777-300ER (new 212-seat)

Information is available here on ANA’s First Class seats on the B777-300ER (new 212-seat).

THE Suite

Ultimate comfort and functionality on the new First Class seats.
Each seat features its own door and provides passengers with the privacy they need to enjoy their personal space.

  • Aircraft and seat specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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  • An exclusive space with only 8 seats

  • The latest seats featuring a cushion made in collaboration with Nishikawa Sangyo for superb comfort

  • Spacious, self-contained shell seat with a door to ensure privacy

  • Fully flat seat

  • Self-contained seat with door

  • Large 43-inch 4K monitor

  • Movable partition (center seats only)

  • Large table

  • Closet for jackets

  • Plenty of storage space

  • A light featuring the latest in lighting technology, with different settings available depending on intended use

  • Universal PC power port and USB/HDMI ports *1

    • *1.HDMI port is currently out of service.
  • Sample images.