2024 Fine Dining Restaurant Benefit

Restaurant preservation project for next generations

Experiencing a new restaurant. Food evolves through culture, history and people. “Experience" deepens understanding. A chef with a wealth of experience has gathered restaurants that he wants to preserve for next 100 years and to pass on his "experience“ to you. Just like supporting culture and its succession, we hope that Diamond members will go out feeling that going to a restaurant is like cherishing and protecting the culture.

How to use

Select a restaurant.

Make a reservation at the restaurant.

Give the restaurant voucher to the restaurant when you go there to dine.

For restaurants located in Japan, please confirm the information below and make the reservation on your own.

When making the reservation, please indicate that you are using the Diamond Service Fine Dining Restaurant Benefit.

For restaurant outside Japan, TimeLabo, Inc. will make the reservation on your behalf.

  • The management of this benefit is entrusted to TimeLabo, Inc.



  • When you make your reservation, you may be asked to provide certain necessary information, such as your name and telephone number and the expiration date of your voucher.

  • Changes and cancellation of reservations for the service are subject to the terms of the cancellation policy of the service provider. TimeLabo, Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever with regard to payment of any cancellation or other charges that may apply when you change or cancel a reservation. Vouchers may not be used in lieu of payment of cancellation or reservation fees or similar fees.

  • Please note that details of the service providers and the service are subject to change within the validity period of the voucher you hold.

  • Responsibility for the service provided is borne entirely by the restaurant in question. TimeLabo, Inc. cannot accept any responsibility regarding service provision.


  • Each voucher is valid for one dining experience at a restaurant that can be selected through the Diamond Service Fine Dining Restaurant Benefit.

  • Each voucher is valid from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.Please note that It cannot be extended.

  • Vouchers are not valid for fees for additional services not included in the TimeLabo, Inc. service or for transportation expenses to and from the location where the service is provided.

  • Please present the voucher to the service provider on the date of reservation. The service may be provided after the service provider has verified the validity of the voucher.

    Copies of vouchers are not valid for provision of the service.

  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Vouchers that are not used or are lost or stolen will not be replaced or reimbursed.


  • The information is accurate as of the time of writing (December 2023). Please note that restaurant business hours and menus are subject to change. Please note that there may be cases in which vouchers cannot be used for periods when special Christmas and year-end/New Year holiday menus are offered. There may also be cases in which customers may be responsible for amounts beyond what the vouchers cover.Furthermore, in addition to regular closure dates and blackout dates, there may be other days on which vouchers may not be used depending on the restaurant.Please contact the relevant restaurant for details.

  • Photographs are provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual items and appearances may differ.

  • At some restaurants, drinks may not be included in the special menu.

Inquiries/Booking agent (only for restaurants outside Japan)

TimeLabo, Inc.
03-6277-1760 <toll/from a mobile phone>
+81-(0)3-6277-1760 <toll/from outside Japan>
Business hours (JST): Weekdays 09:00-17:00 (not available on weekends, national holidays and Year-end / New Year holiday periods)
e-mail anadia-rsv@time-laboratory.com