Food Allergies

To the visitor of hope of an allergy meal

ANA provides two kinds of allergy-free in-flight meals for international flights: our "7 allergen-free meal", which does not contain any of the 7 major allergen ingredients(wheat, buckwheat, dairy products, eggs, peanuts, shrimp and crab), and our "27 allergen-free meal", which is free of the 7 major allergen ingredients listed above as well as 20 others (abalone, squid, salmon roe, orange, kiwi fruit, beef, walnut, salmon, mackerel, soybean, poultry, banana, pork, matsutake mushroom, peach, yam, apple, gelatin, sesame and cashew nuts).

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Please note that special in-flight meals for international flights must be requested in advance. Click "In-Flight Special Meals" for more information.

While we strive to ensure that none of the specified allergens enter these meals during preparation, we cannot completely prevent the possibility of airborne particles or other minute traces of the allergens entering the meals at some point. We are also unable to prepare allergen-free meals of any sort other than the two kinds listed above. We recommend that customers sensitive to allergens other than those listed above, or who are otherwise concerned about the meals as described, prepare and bring their own food.

ANA policy regarding customers with peanut allergies

ANA strives not to select or use peanuts as an ingredient for in-flight meals and drinks of ANA-operated Domestic and International flights (*1). However, there is a possibility that the meals and drinks may contain peanuts or peanut-by products (such as peanut oil) during preparation or manufacturing.
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(*1) Excludes code-share flights. Please consult the operating airline for code-share flights.