Mechanisms for Improving Customer Satisfaction

The ANA Group’s Service Quality Management

The ANA Group is thoroughly committed to the quality of the products and services it offers to customers. We believe that continuing improvement leads to ever-higher customer satisfaction and the creation of value. For that reason, we have established a cycle of accurately assessing the current status of quality linked to specific improvement measures, and regularly ascertain our progress through the Brand Strategy Committee. We assess quality through the following three mechanisms.

Ocerview of Service Quality Management


Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every year, over 120,000 customers evaluate their degree of satisfaction with our services from reservations to in-flight and arrival. We then analyze points for further improvement.

Quality Check

We regularly monitor quality, with our in-house quality management departments and external bodies performing third-party assessments of our status with respect to achieving the service evaluation standards set forth in manuals and elsewhere.

The Closed Loop

The Closed Loop

Our initiatives involves collecting more than 20,000 comments and requests directly from customers and more than 50,000 reports prepared by employees from customer interactions in airports, on flights, via call centers and during sales activities each year. The data is then used to make improvements in a process we call the “Closed Loop.”

Operating a cycle of improvements based on opinions received directly from customers and the impressions of the employees who deal with them allows a more flexible response to constantly changing customer expectations and desires, and leads to the planning of new services and the development of products.
To offer customer satisfaction at a higher level, the ANA Group aims to develop personnel who can accurately observe individual customers’ situations to provide service with speed and flexibility. In doing so, we prize a quality we call “positive variation,” where employees make the most of their spontaneity and individuality. This approach empowers employees working on the front line and works to promote a thoroughgoing customer orientation throughout the Group, extending to communication with managers and supervisors as well as the attitudes of employees who support the front line.