Targets and Status of Specific Activities

1.1 Maintaining a 5-Star Airline Rating

The ANA Group aims to maintain ANA's status as a 5-Star Airline, the highest rating in the World Airline Rating system that is administered by SKYTRAX, a UK-based airline industry research and rating company. This rating system is one of the global benchmarks used to evaluate airline customer satisfaction and quality, and there are currently seven airlines around the world which have received the highest rating. In March 2016, ANA was awarded the 5-Star Airline rating for the fourth consecutive year and in so doing became the first Japanese airline to achieve this notable feat.

The SKYTRAX World Airline Rating is based on an analysis of more than 800 categories ranging from airport services to in-flight services and the 5-Star Airline rating is awarded to airlines which always provide the highest quality experiences for their customers. The analysis considers the introduction of new services and products, but the most important criteria is the quality of the services provided by frontline staff. From the airport to the cabin, the ANA Group's frontline staff were recognized for consistently providing excellent services and the Group was also praised for its continuous efforts to introduce improvements based on the needs of non-Japanese customers.

In addition, ANA also received the “World's Best Airport Services” and “Best Airline Staff in Asia” awards at the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards. As its name suggests, the World's Best Airport Services award covers airport services, and ANA was recognized for the level of care that its staff provide to customers at ticket counters, airport lounges, boarding gates, etc. In the “Best Airline Staff in Asia” category, ANA's overall personal in-flight services provided by cabin attendants in addition to comprehensive services provided by airport staff from check-in to boarding were recognized as the best in Asia. In addition, our efforts to improve brand value under a slogan intended to evoke the Japanese spirit of hospitality, “Inspiration of Japan,” received a high overall rating. We will continue to make a concerted effort to further enhance quality in the future.

1-2 Improving On-Time Performance

The ANA Group in 2002 affirmed its stance as an airline that values its customers' time through its “On-Time Airline ANA” declaration. Since then, under the slogan “To Your Destination and Beyond,” we have been making concerted efforts across the Group to realize “on-time departure” and “on-time arrival” on the basis of strict adherence to safe flight operations.

“To Your Destination and Beyond”
In anticipation of the various plans passengers may have upon arriving at their destination, the ANA Group sets out a policy focusing on “on-time arrival.” Under this policy, the entire Group has been working together with passengers to achieve on-time flight operations. For example, at Haneda Airport, in response to feedback from passengers saying that the directions were difficult to understand due to the airport's large size, we redesigned the boarding areas in four different colors in December 2013. By enhancing the visibility of guide signs with the use of color-coding in addition to letters and symbols, we have improved the convenience of our passengers, helping them get to their boarding gate more smoothly. This is just one example of how the ANA Group has been implementing improvement activities to enhance on-time flight operations based of customer feedback.

As a result of these initiatives, the ANA Group's on-time arrival ratio (the ratio of flights that arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time) for fiscal 2014 was 87.6%. In the rankings by FlightStats, an American company that evaluates and recognizes the on-time performance of airlines around the world, the ANA Group was ranked 6th in the world and 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region. In July 2015, we introduced “ANA Baggage Drop,” an automated baggage check-in machine, at Haneda Airport to reduce the wait time for checking in luggage.

By making these convenient ANA services more widely known, the number of customers who use them increased, which in turn contributed to enhanced on-time operations.

2. Improvements and developments Based on Customer Feedback

Feedback that customers provide to the ANA Customer Service Desk, Reservations Center, cabin attendants, and airport staff are compiled into reports and shared within the Group. Improvements are then implemented based on these reports.

Overview of customer feedback report numbers:

Example of Improvements and Developments Based on Customer Feedback