For Passengers Who Require Assistance

Offering our customers assistance for a comfortable flight

To provide a pleasant journey, the ANA Group is happy to offer information and assistance to customers, including disabled passengers, pregnant mothers, and elderly passengers at the airport from departure to arrival, and of course, during the flight.

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Accommodating Customers with Disabilities

In 1997, we established the ANA Disability Desk, a dedicated desk for pre-boarding consultation on special assistance for customers with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries. The ANA Disability Desk is available to customers of not only ANA Group company flights but also those of domestic partner companies.

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In addition, we operate Telecommunication Relay Services for ANA so that customers with hearing and speech disabilities can more easily make consultations and requests regarding ANA flights. Through these services, we are able to accommodate inquiries and requests from customers with telephone communication difficulties in real time, through operators from PLUSVoice CORPORATION. who convey the content of video phone sign language or chats to ANA via voice telephone. The services are also available via fax and e-mail.

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ANA Sales Co., Ltd., which operates the travel services business, became the first company in the tourism industry to offer these services in April 2012. Previously, the company promoted universal tourism* through a Tour Assist Desk for customers with disabilities and by indicating walking times and pavement conditions in tourism pamphlets.
*Tourism that aims to be secure and enjoyable for all, regardless of factors such as disability status, age or gender

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