Cultivate Human Resources to Strengthen the Group

To make greater use of the valuable potential of each Group employee, we create human asset policies for each Group company according to its business characteristics and specialization, and Group companies cooperate in developing personnel through the strategic promotion of hiring, job assignment, education, training and employee treatment. In 2007, we established ANA JINZAI (Human Assets) University to provide educational opportunities across the Group with ANA's Way at their core.

For group training, in addition to hierarchical training, we select human assets who are organizational leaders for intensive development at the ANA Group Business School. Students not only acquire business skills, but also reconsider their own sensibilities and spirit through liberal arts education and fieldwork outside their companies, then draw on what they have learned and experienced to broaden their perspectives and become leaders able to propel the growth of the Group. Further, we are strengthening talent management across the Group and developing our group-wide career advancement system, etc. to encourage employees to seek success not only within their own company but to also regard the Group as a whole as a field for their career advancement. In doing so, we support employees with highly specialized skills in working hard to further improve themselves and produce results as a team with the aim of making the Group even stronger.

In addition, we promote cross-divisional human asset development in various other forms including a full range of open seminars and correspondence courses that employees are free to choose based on their individual personalities and duties, temporary transfers of personnel among Group companies and a job posting system.

Group cross-divisional stratified training