Practical Application of Our Core Values (ANA's Way)

The ANA Group's Mission Statement, Management Vision and Course of Action (ANA's Way) were updated in April 2013 in line with the shift to a holding company structure. Based on these updated documents, we have engaged in a range of initiatives in order to unify and galvanize the group's strengths and enhance the independence of its employees. For example, we have distributed the ANA Book, which contains the formulation process and thoughts behind it, to all employees and dissemination, sharing and implementation of its contents is continually promoted through such means as workplace explanations and discussions held by personnel supervisors. To date, over 196 such occasions have been created in Japan and abroad. We have also set up the ANA Discovery Center, a historical display facility to learn about the history of the challenges we have taken on since our foundation and reaffirm awareness of the DNA we are carrying on, and started ANA's Day training to talk about the kind of future we want to create for the ANA Group. In fiscal 2015, we launched the ANA's Way Ambassador Program to roll out the same training content in each of our overseas offices. We aim to have the group's entire workforce of 35,000 employees undertake this training by the end of fiscal 2017.
In addition, we have introduced a training and assessment system reflecting the our Core Values, reaffirmed shared targets and values throughout the group and created a stronger ANA Group by drawing out the practical application of the Core Values in individual employees.

ANA's ANA's Day Training

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Based on the belief that warm, enthusiastic and lively employee activity is directly connected with corporate growth and customer satisfaction, the ANA Group conducts the ANA's Way Survey, an annual employee awareness survey, to monitor items including employees Ethoughts and attitudes about their work as well as their satisfaction with their workplace. We conducted the 12th such survey in the fiscal year 2014, receiving responses from more than 32,000 people, including overseas employees, at 45 Group companies. The response rate was 95.3 percent. We distributed the survey results to companies and departments for use in specialist-run information meetings, Group discussions and other workplace communication.

Fostering a Corporate Culture of Praise

The ANA Group widely shares praise received from customers and values mutual employee recognition of work and conduct. We conduct the following initiatives because we believe they enhance employee motivation and autonomy and allow employees to more fully display the ANA Character.

Delivering Customer Feedback to Employees


ANA has been printing customer compliments on the cover sheets of monthly payslips since October 2004. This practice, proposed by an employee, reconnects employees with customer feedback each time they receive their remuneration.


-Good Job Card-

We are promoting the exchange of Good Job Cards, where employees who find something praiseworthy in a colleague's work write it down on a card and pass it to the colleague. As part of the initiative, points are given to both those who have given a card and those who have received one. There is also an award system where a badge is given when a certain number of cards are collected. Under a further program, one yen is donated to social contribution activities per Good Job message exchanged within the Group in an effort to “fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world, Eas described in our Mission Statement. These exercises of praising each other by expressing our feelings with actual words nurture respect for colleagues and engender a culture of confidence and pride in one another's work.

Award System

The ANA Group has various award programs and a particularly notable one is the “Wow! EAward. This award is presented twice every year to employees or organizations within the Group to recognize original, creative efforts that embody ANA's Way. Of the “Wow! EAward recipients, the one that is judged to have influenced a large number of ANA Group employees, made a noteworthy contribution, or achieved a significant result also receives the ANA Group President's Award.
For fiscal year 2014, a project by a seasoned maintenance engineer to develop an innovative method to remove foreign objects from inside aircraft engines using modified medical equipment (forceps for medical endoscopes) was selected as the winner. This method was reported as a world first and was highly acclaimed at international conferences attended by leading engine manufacturers and airlines.

Maintenance engineer receiving the ANA Group President's Award.

ANA Virtual Hollywood

Initiated by ANA Group employees, ANA Virtual Hollywood is a program in which employees execute projects that move the hearts of customers, just as film directors produce Hollywood movies that have the power to enthrall their audiences. ANA Group employees in any company or line of work can participate to share ideas and develop proposals, which they present directly to the executive in charge. The ANA Virtual Hollywood program began in 2004, and approximately 1200 ANA Group employees had joined projects through it by the end of 2015.


  • Blue Wing:
    In partnership with US-based Ashoka, the world's largest association of leading social entrepreneurs, ANA supports activities by a number of Changemakers around the world.
  • Establishment of the ANA Safety Education Center (ASEC)
  • Fifth Annual Marathon on the Runway (Hagi-Iwami Airport)
  • Message on Runway (Fukushima Airport and Ishigaki Airport)

In addition to creating new value from the standpoint of customers, these activities have supported the creation of worthwhile places to work, with greater group cohesion and the value of open communication, in order to realize the ANA Group Management Vision.