Employee Safety and Health

ANA Health Frontier Declaration

In 2006, ANA formulated the ANA Health Frontier Declaration, which aims to enhance corporate vitality and curtail rising medical costs by promoting the health and enhancing the quality of life (QOL) of our employees. Guided by this declaration, ANA, its employees, and its health insurance unions have made a concerted effort to implement measures to promote good health such as lifestyle improvement programs and mental health support initiatives. Specifically, we have organized a walking program and a program to help employees quit smoking as well as provided exercise and nutrition guidance by dedicated staff. As a result, we have steadily improved our numerical performance in terms of defined health targets for our employees, namely, body mass index (BMI), rate of employees who smoke, and health checkup assessment results.
Furthermore, with the aim of enhancing support for mental health, we have conducted regular stress checks in order to boost our employees Eability to self-regulate and prevent mental health conditions from arising. We have also provided mental health training by qualified counselors for newly appointed managers to help them identify any mental health issues among their subordinates as early as possible and provide support to their subordinates during leave and when returning to work, etc. We believe that promoting the health of our employees will help to boost their motivation and thus increase our corporate value. Based on this belief, we will continue to actively promote good health among all employees of the ANA Group, with a view to enhancing the Group’s overall vitality.

Safety and Health Measures

We have continued to strengthen activities based on the ANA Group Occupational Safety and Health Policies and by establishing safety and health committees in our offices throughout Japan with the aim of ensuring the safety and health of our employees as well as creating a sound workplace environment.

<ANA Group Occupational Safety and Health Policies>
The ANA Group supports its employees by improving and maintaining occupational safety and health. This is accomplished through:

  1. Accident prevention programs and programs to support employees Emental and physical health;
  2. Various measures and management systems (PDCA cycle) aimed at improving safety and health;
  3. The observance of laws and regulations and implementation of activities for raising employee awareness of occupational safety and health.