ANA Group's Personnel Development

ANA Group's Personnel Development

Based on its conviction that its human resources are its greatest asset and the source of its differentiation, the ANA Group aims to develop a workforce of individuals who can fully understand and act upon the Group's Core Values (ANA's Way) while upholding the Group's Mission Statement and Management Vision. For this purpose, we aim for a fusion of human resource management across the entire Group under a holding company system and independent human resource management at each group company, crossing national, corporate and divisional borders to take on the challenge of securing and developing personnel who think and act proactively. By establishing our on-the-job training—on-site experience and guidance under a rotation system—as a core development platform, we are committed to nurturing employees with highly specialized skills and a can-do attitude. In this, we are seeking to realize the independence of each company as well as the growth of the entire Group through educational training, ambitious target-setting and goal-seeking by individuals, self-improvement plans, etc.

At ANA, the Group's core company, we reviewed our human resources system for career-track positions in 2014 with the aim of developing a team of leaders who will implement our growth strategy more rapidly. We will develop our people to be a driving force for the ANA Group's sustainable growth, expecting each of them to be actively engaged in building up their own experiences and further enhancing their specialized skills to excel amid the global competition.

ANA Group's Organizational Vision

For the ANA Group to enhance its overall management and improve earnings on a continuous basis, it is necessary for each company and organization to develop the “organizational strength Eneeded to implement ANA's Way. We will aim to create an array of organizations equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Able to set high organizational targets from the perspectives of safety, the customer, and social responsibility
  • All members able to engage in direct, sincere and frank dialogue, to help with each other, and to collaborate with related organizations (“Team Spirit E
  • Able to make dedicated efforts based on each individual's own desire for self-improvement (“Endeavor E
  • Able to respond swiftly and flexibly to changing environments and adversity and to resolve issues

In addition, with the aim of capitalizing on the unique abilities of each employee and establishing strong organizations, we will strive to cultivate a corporate culture with the following characteristics while developing mechanisms for operational processes with a focus on the implementation of the “Diversity and Inclusion Einitiatives to make our diversity our strength.

  1. Feedback: Encourage team members to compliment others, express direct, sincere and frank opinions and engage in dialogue for the growth of their organization and themselves as individuals
  2. Ownership: Encourage team members to always take responsibility for the challenges they take on, make proactive efforts to resolve them, and take an interest in the issues faced by the organization and their colleagues
  3. Stretch: Encourage challenges to be taken on at both the organizational and individual level, encourage delegation to others, and accept failures (when they occur despite maximum effort)
  4. Innovation: Consistently respond to changes in a flexible manner and pursue improvements and reforms
  5. Commitment: Accomplish the targets and challenges we have set for ourselves