ANA Group Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Policy consists of the following Basic Policy, Purchasing Principles and Supplier Management Policy.


1. Basic Policies

  1. In terms of purchase transactions, we shall fairly select and purchase the best goods and services based on economic rationality.
  2. Our purchase transactions shall be open to suppliers worldwide, fair and transparent and conducted according to procedures that are simple and easy to understand.
  3. For all purchase transactions, we shall follow ANA Group's CSR basic approach and corporate ethics, fully comply with relevant laws and regulations, show consideration for resource conservation, environmental preservation and human rights and ensure our business partners understand the ANA Group's initiatives.

2. Purchasing Principles

  1. Fair transactions based on economic rationality
    Standardize criteria for decisions on purchasing and transactions
  2. Pursuit of optimum cost
    Obtain competing estimates with respect for the principle of free competition
  3. Openness
    Provide opportunities impartially and ensure opportunities for the participation of new business partners
  4. Transparency
    Impartially disclose necessary information to business partners and make public the reasons for declining a bid
  5. Compliance
    Fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and make agreements in writing
  6. Ethical transactions
    Prohibit reciprocal dealing, arbitrary preferential treatment for specified bidders, personal gain by individuals, and entertaining and gifts outside the scope of social convention
  7. The environment
    Ascertain actual conditions at business partners premised on transactions that preserve the environment
  8. Human rights
    Prohibit forced labor and child labor, maintain safety and health, and ascertain actual conditions at business partners
  9. Confidentiality
    Maintain strict confidentiality regarding information gained in the course of business

3. Supplier Management Policy

Business Partner Selection Criteria

We use diverse evaluation criteria for the fair and impartial selection of business partners.

  1. Quality: Ensure quality that meets the requirements
  2. Cost: Offer a competitive price
  3. Delivery: Observe scheduled delivery
  4. Flexibility: Deal flexibly with change using information technology, etc.
  5. Position: Offer a relationship of mutual trust with the supplier
  6. Development: Possess technical, development and proposal capabilities
  7. Management: Maintain a stable management base
  8. Environment: Demonstrate concern for the environment
  9. Security: Maintain confidentiality of important information

CSR Guidelines

We ask our business partners to formulate and carry out CSR guidelines covering items we want them to observe at a minimum and items we would like them to deal with voluntarily.

(Internal promotion system)

Voluntary CSR measures

  1. Formulation of company CSR standards
Human rights / Labor conditions

Respect for and full compliance with international standards for human rights and labor

  1. Prohibition of child labor
  2. Prohibition of forced labor
  3. Full compliance with other laws, regulations and social standards for human rights and labor
Safety and health

Consideration for workplace safety and health

  1. Full compliance with laws and regulations for labor safety and health
The environment

Measures to reduce environmental load

  1. Creation and operation of an environmental management system (EMS)
  2. Control of hazardous chemical substances according to local laws and regulations, etc.
  3. Measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  4. Promotion of the proper processing, reduction and recycling of waste
  5. Priority purchasing of materials with low environmental load
  6. Full compliance with other environmental laws and regulations and procedures for necessary governmental permits and licenses
Fair transactions / Ethics

Fair business activities that observe social standards

  1. Full compliance with laws and regulations preventing unfair competition
  2. Prohibition of offering or receiving inappropriate profit or other benefits in relationships with governmental bodies, customers, etc.
  3. Respect for intellectual property
  4. Elimination of anti-social forces
Quality / Safety

Assurance of product quality and safety

  1. Full compliance with standards for safety and labeling set by laws and regulations, etc.
  2. Establishment of a quality management system
  3. Honest response to inquiries, etc., from consumers and customers
Information security

Proper maintenance and protection of personal and confidential information

  1. Prevention of leakage, loss or falsification, etc., of personal information or confidential information
  2. Protection against threats to computer networks