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About Logging In

I forgot my AMC membership number.

It's the 10-digit number on the front of the card

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  • ANA Mileage Club Card ANA Mileage Club Card
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※please note that your ANA Number is different from that credit card number.

I forgot my AMC membership number.

ANA does not release AMC membership numbers. If you lose your card, a replacement will be issued. Please confirm the new AMC membership number on your new card.

I forgot my web password.

Complete password request procedures.

Web Password

The web password is required to access services on the ANA website.

※ Customers without a web password and customers who have reset their password and received postcard notification must login with their 4-digit AMC password and setup a web password.

AMC password (4 numbers)

The AMC password is required when:
・Making inquiries by phone to the ANA Reservation and Customer Service Center and ANA Mileage Club Service Center.
・Using self-service check-in machines at airports to complete various procedures.
Please manage your web password and AMC password with care.