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Code share flights

Code share means

A codeshare flight is the joint operation of an aircraft by two or more carriers, and refers to a flight with an ANA flight number (NH) operated by a partner airline. ANA is expanding the number of codeshare flights available to customers by partnering with airlines from various regions. This enables smoother, more convenient flight connections between cities around the world. If a flight is a codeshare flight, customers will be informed of the airline which will operate the flight when making the reservation.

ANA's conditions of carriage apply to any passengers traveling on a flight with an ANA flight number.

Points to Note

Codeshare flights are operated with the partner airline's aircraft and flight crew. The rules and regulations of the operating partner airline will therefore apply in regard to carry-on (baggage) restrictions and check-in time, and conditions of carriage for infants/children, animals, and customers with a disability. These rules and regulations will also apply for compensation for lost/damaged baggage, cancelations and delays, and advance seat reservations. Also, please check the websites of operating airline partners for information on flight status.

For codeshare flights operated by our partner carriers, procedures must be carried out at the check-in counter of the partner carrier, and not at the ANA counter. Please be sure to check the designated check-in counter with your reserved flight number. Mileage handling will vary depending on the partner carrier.

For further information, please ask when making a reservation or directly contact the partner carrier.

Items Applicable to ANA's Conditions of Carriage

  • Free Baggage Allowance

    • Handling will comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations and U.S./Canadian law, so please confirm the details when making the reservation.

Items Applicable to the Operating Airline's Conditions of Carriage


  • Reservation acceptance periods and deadlines

  • Advance seat selection


  • Checked baggage restrictions

  • Dangerous goods and oversize baggage restrictions

Terms and Conditions of Transport

  • Infants/Children

  • Animals (including service dogs)

  • Passengers with special needs*

  • Denied boarding


  • Check-in deadlines

  • Compensation when seats cannot be provided due to overbooking

  • Compensation when baggage is lost or damaged

  • Handling of irregularities (delays, cancellations, etc.)

  • Some operating airlines may not be able to accommodate customers who require special arrangements, including customers using stretchers or portable oxygen concentrators (POCs).

International Flights

Star Alliance Connecting Partners

Airlines which are not Star Alliance members

Japan Domestic Flights


  • As the various handling procedures will be different for flights operated by Japan Air Commuter and Amakusa Airlines, you are kindly requested to see the information on the Japan Air Commuter or Amakusa Airlines page before you travel on such flights.

Partner airlines