Showing support through donation

Use your miles to contribute to the world

With the miles you have accrued, you can contribute to various projects.

As a member of the ANA Mileage Club, you can help people in need by donating miles to support humanitarian and environmental activities around the world. When you select a group, the monetary equivalent of the donated miles will be sent to that group.

ANA Mileage Donation Program

ANA Blue Wing Program

The Blue Wing Program, in collaboration with Ashoka, the world's largest entrepreneurial network, is a program that supports people who aim to realize a better society on a daily basis. Through this program, you can donate your miles to specific changemakers who are most interested in and engaged in environmental or humanitarian activities that are most in line with your values. Your donation will be the wings for those who seek to realize a better world. Please, come and meet these changemakers here.

How to Request This Service

You can show your support by donating miles that you have accrued.
Please check the city / language selection page as donations are only accepted on the Japan site.

Activities To Date

We would like to thank everyone who has donated miles to give back to society. To date, ANA Mileage Club members have supported the activities of the following organizations.

Angkor Wat Restoration Project

With the miles donated by ANA Mileage Club members, we have donated 684,000 miles (yen) to the restoration of Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Project

We have donated to "Team Tyura Sango", which conducts coral reef conservation activities in Okinawa.
2022 429,000 miles (yen)
2021 702,000 miles (yen)
2020 249,000 miles (yen)


We have donated 4,458,000 miles (yen) to UNESCO, which works to build international peace and improve human welfare through the cooperation of education, science and culture.

OISCA Coastal Tree Planting Project

We have contributed significantly to OISCA and coastal tree planting activities, as well as contributing to the activities of people in affected areas to grow Japanese black pine and maintain local livelihoods.

Support for medical personnel and medical facilities

We have donated 19,835,861 miles (yen) from ANA Mileage Club members to support medical personnel and medical facilities that are working at the forefront of dealing with the novel corona virus, COVID-19.