Beijing Capital International Airport

Traveling to and From Beijing Capital International Airport

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Guide to Beijing Capital International Airport

Arrival and departure terminal maps and other information for navigating Beijing Capital International airport.

Instructions for Beijing Capital International Airport

Please be cautious of improper requests for money from suspicious persons dressed as ground staff

A number of incidents have occurred recently of suspicious persons dressed as ground staff approaching passengers at Beijing Capital International Airport, and making improper demands for money on the pretext of providing assistance with check-in.

The suspicious persons’ technique is to offer to look after a passenger’s boarding pass, passport or baggage. They accompany the passenger through the check-in process, then make the following demand on the way to the boarding gate, “You must pay me for helping you check-in. If you don’t pay, I won’t return your passport and boarding pass.” We have received reports of such improper demands for money.

Passengers should pay careful attention and manage their passport, baggage and so on by themselves.

The security check for baggage are tightened when leaving from Beijing

According to Beijing Capital International Airport Authority, the below items are prohibited when carried as checked baggage from Beijing.

Electronic devices (PC, tablet-type device,cell phone,etc),lithium ion battery (including mobile battery), portable charger for electronic devices,etc.

In case of any violation of related regulations, the prohibited items (including any suspicious items) will be removed. Please note that passengers themselves will bear any possible risk, such as impossible transport of baggage on the same flight and/or any damage to their baggage.