ANA e-Newsletter Service

Information on Monthly ANA Mileage Club Updates

Mileage statements are emailed on a monthly basis to ANA Mileage Club members with a balance of one mile or more in the previous month.

ANA Mileage information page
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In this email, you will find the ANA Mileage Club mileage balance for the end of the previous month as well as the number of miles due to expire in the next three months.

It also offers information about award tickets and other benefits that can be redeemed with miles.

How to Receive

These emails are sent to ANA Mileage Club members who have configured their email preferences to receive emails from ANA.

Email Format

Customers can choose to receive emails in either HTML or plain text format. Even if you choose HTML format, you may sometimes receive emails in plain text format.

Email Start Date

Customers will begin to receive emails approximately two weeks after registration.


  • We may occasionally send other emails or ask you to complete questionnaires.
  • Customers who would like to receive mileage statements by post will have 500 miles deducted from their balance each time a statement is sent to their registered address (up to four times per year).
  • Customers whose registered address is in China cannot complete procedures for this service using the ANA Mileage Club members-only functions on the ANA website. We kindly ask that you contact the ANA Mileage Club Customer Service Center in China by telephone to do so.
  • Customers who are not ANA Mileage Club members should enroll first. Join ANA Mileage Club.