Booking Procedures

Procedures for Making Reservations Online

Booking your flight on our website is simple, convenient and secure. Find answers to many of your booking questions and learn about some of the benefits of online reservations.

Booking on the ANA Website

This information is specific to tickets and other services purchased on our North American Website. Please refer to other ANA websites for their applicable conditions and rules on tickets and other purchases.

Information on Booking Your Flight Reservation Period

Generally, the reservation period for ANA international and Japanese domestic flights opens 355 days in advance (starting at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time) and closes six hours before boarding. Please note, the reservation period may vary, depending on the fare type; it may also vary for flights operated by other airlines.

Flights Accepted for Reservations

You can use this site to reserve all ANA Group

carrier flights (including flights within Japan that are used to connect to or from an international flight), codeshare flights, and flights operated by other airlines. However, codeshare flights and flights operated by other airlines must be reserved together with an ANA Group carrier flight or a codeshare flight to or from Japan.

New Reservations/ Purchases on the ANA Website

New reservations and purchases, some changes, and cancellations of these reservations are generally permitted for any of the flights referenced above. However, conditions, restrictions or fees may apply, depending on the fare type.

Time Zone

The ANA website is set to the Pacific Time zone. For reservations departing from countries outside North America, the time zone and restrictions will be based on the local time in the departing country.


A reservation may include one infant per adult if the infant does not occupy a separate seat. For details, see Expectant Mothers and Families with Children page.

Customers Requiring Special Arrangements

At ANA, we strive to provide pleasant and comfortable flights to customers who need assistance, such as customers with disabilities and elderly customers. Customers who may have anxiety on their flight due to physical challenges caused by disease, injury or disabilities, or are in need of special attention or service, are encouraged to contact the ANA Disability Desk.

The following customers must contact the ANA Call Center:
  • Pregnant passengers, if the expected due date is within 28 days of the boarding period.
  • Customers who are requesting special in-flight meals due to food allergies.

Special Arrangements via ANA Website

Customer requests may be submitted via the ANA website for:
  • Special in-flight meals that meet health-related or religious dietary requirements, such as child and vegetarian meals.
  • Wheelchair assistance to/from check-in and the gate for customers who have difficulty walking a long distance.

Security of Personal Information

Please note that for your security, all pages on the ANA Website that require your personal information are protected by high security SSL.

Valid Email and Credit/Debit Card Required

When purchasing your ticket, you must provide a valid contact email address and a valid credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

Accepted Credit and Debit Cards

The following credit/debit cards are accepted, with no restriction on the card’s issuing country: VISA, VISA debit, VISA delta, VISA electron, MasterCard, MasterCard debit, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB, UATP.

For Reservations Made Through the ANA Call Center

  • Purchase and Ticketing
    • ANA will charge the applicable service fee to issue the tickets. Please note, you may only purchase tickets for a flight reservation on the ANA Website (and avoid the applicable service fee) if you made the flight reservation on the ANA Website.
  • Reservation Change
    • Please contact the ANA Call Center to make any reservation changes. Please note, the ANA Website will not accept changes to an existing reservation made through the Call Center. However, once your tickets have been issued, some changes can be made on the ANA Website. Please check with the ANA Call Center to confirm these details when booking.

Other Conditions of Use

  • The schedule, aircraft type and other flight information for ANA international flights are subject to change without notice. Please check your reservation on the ANA website prior to your flight.
  • If your itinerary includes flight(s) on another airline (other than ANA Group operated • flights), the other airline’s reservation/ticketing rules will apply to its flights. Please note, another airline may cancel your reservation based on its purchase deadlines or due to a duplicate reservation.
  • If your itinerary does not provide for a same-day connection, you are responsible for your own hotel or other accommodation arrangements during the layover between flights.
  • ANA’s International Conditions of Carriage apply to all our international flights, as well as Japanese domestic flight segments connecting to international flights. ANA’s Conditions of Carriage – Domestic Passenger and Baggage apply to an itinerary that contains only domestic flights in Japan.
    Note: If your itinerary includes flight(s) on another airline, the other airline’s Conditions of Carriage will apply to its flights.
  • You must use your tickets in the date order shown on your itinerary, beginning with the first departure date and in date order thereafter. If your tickets are not used in the order presented in your itinerary, or if there are unused segments of your itinerary, the remaining unused tickets in the itinerary will be invalidated and you will be unable to use the remaining flight segments.
  • For any segments invalidated, ANA will refund the fare according to the ticket’s applicable fare rules, and if the ticket is non-refundable or non-changeable, no refund will be issued. At ANA, we make every effort to ensure your credit/debit card information remains secure and has implemented measures to prevent fraud.

Depending on your credit/debit card type, you may be charged a foreign transaction fee. For details, please contact your card issuer. This handling fee is excluded from any ticket refunds issued by ANA.

  • For rules and conditions that apply to any change to your reservation, see Information Regarding Reservation Changes.
  • Please complete cancellation/refund procedures before the departure of your booked flight. The cancellation charges specified in the fare rules for your ticket apply. (The • cancellation charge is calculated based on the exchange rate at the time the refund is • issued).

If a refund is due, ANA will refund the credit/debit card you used when purchasing the ticket, in the currency used for the purchase.

For refund requests after your itinerary’s start date, you must contact ANA no later than:
  • For fully unused flight coupons: One year and 30 days from the date the tickets were issued (the date is based on the country of commencement of carriage).
  • For partially used ticket coupons: One year and 30 days from the departure date of commencement of carriage (the date is based on the country of commencement of carriage).
  • For refund requests within 24 hours after the ticket has been issued: No refund fee is charged if you apply for a refund within 24 hours after the ticket has been issued. This fee waiver applies only if there is at least one week between the date/time of the refund request and the scheduled boarding date.

Please also read the International Conditions of Carriage.

Purchasing Timeframe

Please keep the following in mind for international flights.

Purchasing Time Limit

Please complete the purchasing procedure before the “Purchase by” date. Your entire itinerary will be automatically cancelled if the process is not completed within this time period. If you purchase tickets by phone or through the airport ticket counter, a separate ticket service charge will apply.

Payment Time Limit

Please make your payment before the “Payment due” date. Your entire itinerary will be automatically cancelled if the process is not completed within this time period. Please note, after you make your payment, it may take some time for information on the Reservation Confirmation screen to update.

Online Booking Benefits

Promotion Codes

If you have a promotion code to reserve/purchase tickets with special discounts, you can use it when booking through our website. Promotion codes are limited to new reservations/purchases on our website, and can’t be retroactively applied to previously purchased tickets.

If you have a promotion code, enter it in the promotion code column, using all capital letters. If you don’t have a code, leave the column blank and continue your search. The discount amounts will be shown on the “Review the Selected Flight and Fare” page after you’ve selected your flights.

Keep My Fare

Need more time to decide on your ticket purchase? Keep My Fare lets you hold your reservation and fare details for up to 72 hours before issuing a ticket. Customers find this service particularly useful when travel dates aren’t finalized, or when they’re traveling with someone else and need to discuss travel plans prior to purchase. If you’re booking an international flight on the ANA website, you can apply for the service from the payment screen after selecting your preferred flight and fare.


Itineraries containing only ANA-operated flights with an ANA flight number, and Japan domestic codeshare flights operated by other carriers are eligible. Note that depending on the purchase or reservation deadline for a fare, there are cases in which the ticket must be issued within 72 hours. In those instances, the application field won’t show up on the payment screen, and the itinerary won’t be eligible for this service.

Payment Method

Payment is by credit card only. Fees vary depending on the site you’re booking through.

  • U.S. site: USD 10.00
  • Canadian site: CAD 10.00
  • European site: EUR 7.50
  • Japanese site: JPY 1,000

Changes and Cancellations After Booking the Service

Once you book the service, itineraries made prior to purchase cannot be changed, and refunds cannot be provided.

Applicable Fares

When using Keep My Fare, applicable fares are those in effect at the time of booking and valid for the start date of the itinerary of your ticket. We won’t refund or charge any fare differences that may arise due to fare revisions, etc. after applying for the service. However, if you’re purchasing a fare that allows reservation changes, any fare differences resulting from such changes will be refunded or charged.

Important Notes

  • This service is only available through the ANA website.
  • Your reservation will be cancelled automatically if the payment isn’t received by the due date.
  • This service can’t be used in conjunction with an award ticket reservation.
  • If a fare with a purchase deadline of less than 72 hours after reservation completion is selected, the application screen won’t be displayed and the itinerary won’t be eligible for this service.

Added Ease for ANA Mileage Club Members

ANA Mileage Club Members can register their reservation preferences, making future online reservations faster than ever. Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or occasional vacationer, this complimentary service makes flying with ANA a breeze.

Registering Your Preferences

There are two ways you can register for this benefit:
  • Once you’re logged into the Members Page, click on “Member Information” from the top page of your AMC Account.
  • After you’ve completed your reservation, look under “Optional Services,” then select “Register Basic Reservation Information.”

Save Time by Registering

  • Credit Card Information: You can register up to two credit cards. On future reservations, just select the card you’d like to use—you don’t have to worry about entering incorrect information.
  • Seat Preferences: Register your preferred sectors and cabin class.
  • Contact Preferences: Let us know if you’d like to receive your reservation information through your mobile phone or email, and sign up for our email newsletter.

Enroll in ANA Mileage Club

This service is only available to ANA Mileage Club Members. If you’re interested in this (along with other benefits), check out ANA Mileage Club Enrollment Information.

Reservation Limits

International Flights

When making an international reservation for your family or group, you can book up to nine seats at a time. This includes adults and children, and is applicable only when there are seats available. If the operating airline is not ANA, the number of reservations you can make at once may be different.

When making your reservation, select adult, child or infant based on their age as of the boarding date. The selections are:
  • Adult: 16+ years old
  • Adult: 12 to 15 years old
  • Child: 2 to 11 years old
  • Infant: 8 days to 23 months old
Online Reservations for Infants

On international flights, a reservation can be made for up to one infant not occupying their own seat per adult passenger (excluding award reservations). Please note that tickets must be purchased for infants, even if they’re not occupying their own seat. Reservations for infants occupying their own seat cannot be made on the ANA Website.

Please also review Expectant Mothers and Children.

Young Passengers Flying Alone

When all passengers in a group are younger than 20 years old, boarding may not be permitted, based on the rules of the operating airline. For reservations which include flights operated other than ANA, please confirm the applicable rules directly with the operating airline in advance. The rules of other airlines may be different from the handling of ANA.

Flights Within Japan

When your itinerary includes Japan domestic flights only (excluding award reservations), you can reserve up to nine seats at a time. This includes adults and children.

When making your reservation, select adult, child or infant based on their age as of the boarding date (note these differ from age classifications for international flights):
  • Adult: 12+ years old
  • Child: 3 to 11 years old

One infant (8 days to 2 years old) may sit in an adult passenger’s lap. When making a reservation from a website where this screen is displayed, it is not necessary to purchase a ticket for the infant. It is also not necessary to notify the airline in advance that you will be traveling with an infant. Please notify the staff directly at check-in.

Reservations that Cannot be Made Online

Please make these reservations via telephone:
  • Reservations that include infants occupying their own seats
  • One adult accompanying two or more infants
  • An individual between the ages of 12 and 15 traveling alone with a child
  • Children or infants traveling alone
  • One expectant mother with a due date that is within 28 days, traveling with infant(s)