Safety Information

  • After boarding, place your baggage in the appropriate locations, take your seat, and fasten your seat belt.
  • Please keep your seat belt fastened when the seat belt sign is on and whenever you are seated.
  • After the aircraft doors have been closed, please switch your electronic devices to airplane mode or turn them off.
  • Be sure to watch the video about emergency equipment and read the safety instructions card before takeoff.
  • Return your seat and table to their original positions during takeoff and landing.
  • Smoking* and the use of fire is strictly prohibited throughout the cabin, including the lavatories. Out of consideration for other passengers, the use of smokeless tobacco products and other such substitutes is also prohibited on board.
    • * The word "smoking" refers to the smoking of cigarettes and the use of smoking devices.
  • Passengers seated in the exit row seats are asked to assist in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • ANA Group requests all passengers to refrain from photographing, shooting or recording other passengers and staff/crew without their consent, as it may cause inconvenience to other passengers or may interfere with safety/duties.

Request Regarding Seats Equipped with Shoulder Belts

  • If you are occupying a seat equipped with a shoulder belt, please be sure to have the shoulder belt fastened during taxiing, takeoff and landing.
  • Shoulder belts have a length of 50 inches (127 cm). (They cannot be extended.)
  • If you are unable to fasten the shoulder belt and keep it fastened properly, you may be denied boarding for safety-related reasons.
When fastening your shoulder belt, please attach it to the seat belt.

Emergency Exit Row Seat Passengers

You will be required to assist our crew members in the case of an emergency evacuation.
Our crew members will provide you the directions to perform some of the following tasks.

  • Keep other passengers away from the Emergency Exit Door until the crew member securely opens it.
  • Follow the crew members' instructions. Open the Emergency Exit Door after confirming the safety outside the aircraft.
  • After the escape slide fully inflates, have other passengers evacuate as quickly as possible.
  • Assist other passengers after evacuating from the aircraft.
  • Direct other passengers to move away from the aircraft immediately.
  • Others (Crew members will instruct other tasks when they are necessary.)

Please read the safety instructions leaflet in your seat pocket at your earliest convenience after boarding.
Please note that passengers will not be able to occupy an emergency exit row seat if they are unable to offer the types of assistance mentioned above, or do not agree to do so.

Emergency Evacuation Requests

Points to Note for Emergency Evacuations

  • Baggage could cause an obstruction in the event of an evacuation, or damage the slide and render it unusable. For this reason, passengers must leave all baggage behind.
  • High heels could damage the slide and render it unusable, and must therefore be removed.
  • Photography and filming is prohibited as it will delay your own evacuation and obstruct that of others.

Points to Note When Going Down the Slide / Types of Assistance

  • Put both arms out, sit up straight so that you can see your landing point, and slide down.
  • Passengers providing assistance should stand on either side of the slide, and help others coming down the slide to their feet by taking their arms.
  • Tell other passengers to immediately move far away from the aircraft to safety.
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation, assistance may be requested from passengers other than those seated in the emergency exit row seats. Thank you for your cooperation with our crew members.