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Responsibility to and Engagement with Stakeholders

The ANA Group conducts business activities through our relationships with stakeholders. We engage in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders to build trust and offer peace of mind. As we do so, we increase the effectiveness of our strategies by incorporating the opinions and requests of stakeholders into our businesses.
During fiscal 2017, we created several opportunities to hold dialogues with stakeholders, including our general meeting of shareholders, analyst presentations, and facility tours.

Major activities of FY 2017

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Toward improving shareholder value, we endeavor to create a stronger business foundation to generate steady, continued profits and provide shareholder returns, striving for timely, appropriate information disclosure and shareholder engagement.

The 73rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders Number of attendees 1,714people Voting rights exercise ratio 64.1%.IR large meetings / small meetings 8times (for institutional investors / analysts).Dialogue with institutional investors / analysts 255times (in Japan: 134 times; overseas: 121 times).Presentation for private investors 14 times Total: 1,615people(including IR fairs).
The 73rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Dialogue with Employees

Through direct dialogue between managers and employees, we are actively sharing management strategies and the intentions of managers and thereby deepening mutual understanding.

FY2018-22 Group Corporate Strategy tour event with top management 20times Total: 1,268people
Exchanging opinions about the FY2018-22 Group Corporate Strategy

Dialogue with International Society

In regard to material issues in management strategies, by actively conducting dialogue with industry groups as well as NGOs / NPOs, we are fostering understanding of the ANA Group's approaches and initiatives. In addition, we are working to rapidly identify changes in the environment and to reflect them on a global level in our business activities.

Participating in an international conference on the environment 11times (Indonesia,Malaysia,Canada,Switzeland,Mexico,Japan) Overseas dialogue with human rights organizations 3times(Germany,Thailand,Malaysia) Participation in international conferences on human rights 8times(Switzeland,Japan,Germany)
Dialogue in Thailand With Human Rights Groups

Dialogue with Business Partners

We share our CSR Guidelines with our business partners and seek their understanding and cooperation in encouraging CSR practices throughout the entire supply chain.
We demonstrate the importance we attach to ANA Group food safety and hygiene to customers and business partners by offering tours of the ANA in-flight meal processing factory. This is a helpful way to promote an understanding of the ANA Group commitment to safety and security.

CSR monitoring survey Vendors/Business Partners Surveyed 201companies ANA in-flight meal factory tours 55times Total: 1,357people
ANA hosts visitors on in-flight meal processing factory tours