ANA Group Health Frontier Declaration

The ANA Group proclaimed the ANA Health Frontier Declaration in April 2016 based on the belief that ensuring employees' health, safety and a comfortable work environment are the foundation of a company's activities. An ANA Holdings board member was appointed to Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) and a relevant professional in each Group company was designated as a Wellness Leader to promote management of employees' health.
The declaration focuses on managing health, disease prevention, mental health, safety and health of employees, as well as establishing indicators regarding lifestyle diseases and monitoring progress.

The ANA Group places the highest importance that each employee has a healthy mind and body, and can engage in his or her work with energy and passion. The ANA Group companies, employees and health insurance association work as one to proactively improve both employees' quality of life (QOL) and corporate value, by creating an environment that supports long and healthy careers. This concept reflects the ANA Health Frontier Declaration, established on the belief that employees' health, safety and a comfortable work environment are the foundation of a company's activities.

The ANA Group aspires to become the world's leading airline group, by taking steps to achieve a brighter future as a corporate group that can grow sustainably together with society.

ANA Group Occupational Safety and Health Policy

  • The ANA Group will promote the prevention of accidents on the job, as well as maintain and improve the mental and physical health of employees.
  • We will improve health and safety by implementing various measures and management systems (PDCA cycle).
  • We will respect laws and regulations, and raise employee awareness through occupational health and safety education.

Shinya Katanozaka
President & CEO, ANA Holdings Inc.

About ANA Group's Health Management and Safety

ANA Group companies, employees and the health insurance association are working together to promote health and safety across the ANA Group. In addition, a Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) is appointed and Wellness Leaders are selected at each Group company to accurately monitor the health status of employees and implement a range of health improvement measures.

Major Initiatives

We will implement the PDCA cycle for heath and safety by focusing on the following:

  1. Health Management Initiatives
  2. Disease Prevention Initiatives
  3. Mental Health Initiatives
  4. Safety and Health Initiatives

1.Health Management Initiatives

To promote health and safety across the group, we first identified the scope of medical examinations to be conducted in the Group and established an environment for effective health care. Specifically, we developed a list of tests to be included in annual medical checkups across the Group and standardized the evaluation criteria so that all employees can be evaluated equally.

To offer day-to-day health care for ANA Group employees, we established eight Group healthcare facilities primarily at airport operation companies in addition to the existing ANA Healthcare Center.

Group Healthcare Facilities / Healthcare Center

2.Disease Prevention Initiatives

Disease prevention is crucial for a long and healthy career, and ANA implemented the following initiatives:

Lifestyle Diseases Prevention

To prevent lifestyle diseases, each Group company has established health care indicators to be achieved by 2020. These include Body Mass Index (BMI), ratio of smokers, and ratio of people with the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Cancer Prevention

Tests for colorectal cancer, which is one of the top causes of death for Japanese people, have been included in annual medical checkups as a cancer prevention measure.

Women's Health Measures

Breast ultrasonography was added to annual medical checkups to help with early diagnosis of breast cancer, which is found in one in eleven women. In fiscal year 2016, self-exam gloves were distributed to female employees during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). In fiscal year 2017, breast exam models that enable people to touch and feel lumps and cavities were distributed to each region to encourage self-exams.

3.Mental Health Initiatives

We have appointed an ANA Group Mental Health Adviser (psychiatrist) to help establish an environment for implementing mental care initiatives and are holding seminars to help managers achieve an understanding of mental health. We are also offering online courses on self-awareness so that employees across the Group can recognize and address their own stress levels.

In response to regulations issued in December 2015 requiring that corporations conduct stress checks, the ANA Group worked together to develop and implement a system for conducting stress checks.

We will continue to proactively develop initiatives to improve the mental health of employees through activities such as enhancing communications in the workplace.

4.Safety and Health Initiatives

The ANA Group Exercise program was developed to enhance safety and health. By doing these daily exercises, employees can feel refreshed and improve their health, and additionally attain a heightened awareness of occupational accident prevention.

We will continue to develop Group-wide safety and health activities to help create an environment where employees can be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Doing exercises at the ANA Group Field Day

Becoming 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization White 500

ANA Holdings Inc. was recognized as a 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization White 500 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Health Council.

The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program recognizes outstanding large enterprises and SMEs engaging in health and productivity management through initiatives supporting recognized health issues and improving health.

In April 2016, the ANA Group issued the ANA Health Frontier Declaration based on the belief that employee health and safety, and a comfortable work environment are at the core of a company's activities. Employees, the health insurance association and the company work together to maintain and improve employees' health by enhancing diseases prevention, mental health measures, safety and health, as well as addressing work style reforms through telecommuting and other measures. These initiatives were recognized for ANA Group's certification.

In November 2016, ANA held an event lead by the Healthcare Center's nurses to encourage employees to understand their bodies by weighing themselves on scales with body composition analyzers. The 450 maintenance engineers and other participants appreciated the opportunity to focus on their own physical health through visually seeing their data such as body fat, muscle ratio and visceral fat.

Safety and Health Initiatives

We are working to secure our employee's safety and health and to create a comfortable work environment through ANA Group's Occupational Safety and Health policies established in offices around the country.

ANA Group Occupational Safety and Health Policies

  • We will promote the prevention of occupational accidents, as well as maintain and enhance employees' mental and physical health.
  • We will implement a variety of initiatives and management systems (PDCA cycle).
  • We will respect laws and regulations, and raise awareness among employees by promoting understanding of occupational safety and health measures.

ANA Group Field Day

In July 2017, the ANA Group held a group-wide field day under the theme of "spreading our wings globally - ready, get set, go!"

More than 1,100 ANA Group employees and family members competed enthusiastically in a variety of competitions, and had a chance to interact with colleagues and families across regions and departments.
We will continue to promote activities that enhance communications across divisions, build team spirit, and create momentum towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.