Promoting ANA Group's Guidelines for Action - ANA's Way

What is ANA's Way?

ANA's Way represents the core values and the behaviors necessary for our Group to achieve the goals set forth in our Mission Statement and Management Vision. Based on these guidelines, the “power of individuals” that continues to strive and challenge, and the "overall group strength" that collaborates and cooperates beyond job roles and companies, are the sources of enhanced brand power and the driving force behind ANA Group's value creation cycle.

We continue to instill the understanding of the Group's mission statement, vision, and ANA's Way, to hand down the corporate DNA that has been nurtured for more than 70 years, and work to revitalize each workplace by encourage active communication throughout the Group.

In addition to Group-wide initiatives, various activities are conducted in line with the business strategies of each Group companies, to develop human resources who can put ANA's Way into practice.

To Live up to our motto of "Anshin, Attaka, Akaruku-genki!", we work with:


We always hold safety as our utmost priority, because it is the foundation of our business.

Case 1: Assertion and Safety Training

We promote "assertion" to prevent human error, which cannot be compensated for by technology or systems, in which employees work with each other across roles and responsibilities to check issues and alert each other.

In addition, we focus on human and organizational development by offering various types of safety training so each Group employees can face safety with a sense of ownership.

Customer Orientation

We create the highest possible value for our customers by viewing our actions from their perspective.

Case 2: Sharing Information to Improve Service Quality

Employees share information with our various destinations around the world on a daily basis to deepen their understanding of local cultures and customer needs. In order to respond to diverse needs, we have established a system that reflects results in service development and improvement leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to contributing to a better, more sustainable society with honesty and integrity.

Case 3: Resolving social issues through business

The ANA Group promotes ESG management that considers the environment, society and governance from a global and long-term perspective which transcends the boundaries of the Group in order to contribute to solving environmental and social issues through our business and continue to create value as a company that is needed by the society in the future.

Team Spirit

We respect the diversity of our colleagues and come together as one team by engaging in direct, sincere and honest dialogue.

Case 4: United Through Collaboration Across Boundaries

In celebration of our 70th Anniversary, we have renewed our management vision by discussing what each and every employee "aspires to be" in the future, transcending the boundaries of job types, industries and divisions. We will continue to work as one with our approximately 40,000 (?) Group employees around the world. We will continue to take on the challenge of realizing a "world filled with excitement," while working closely with our customers and society as a united group.


We endeavor to take on any challenge in the global market through bold initiative and innovative spirit.

Case 5: Handing Down Our DNA Globally

In the ANA Group where human resources of diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds are active, the Group appoints "ANA's Way Ambassadors" at its domestic and overseas offices.

Through various exchange opportunities such as forums, the Ambassadors learn about the efforts and challenges that have been in the ANA Group's DNA since its founding.

We are developing human resources who will work together to create a new history for the ANA Group.

ANA's Way Ambassador

ANA's Day Training

Establish "SUMICCO", a historical exhibition facility to learn and inherit the ANA Group's unchanged DNA and history of efforts and challenges since its foundation and conduct "ANA's Day" training for all group employees for them to be reminded of what they should practice as part of the future of the ANA Group.

ANA Group Safety Education Center (ASEC)
ANA's Day


ANA's Way is a set of guiding principles that the ANA Group follows to create value and enhance the strength of its brand at its business locations in Japan and overseas.
We are widely inviting initiatives that contribute to the creation of value, enhancement of brand power, strengthening of corporate culture and fostering of a sense of group unity at domestic and overseas stations and presenting awards based on each category of the ANA's Way.
By sharing these examples, we aim to promote and further implement ANA's Way and strengthen cross-organizational connection.

Passing on a Culture of Appreciation and Respect

The ANA Group places great emphasis on widely sharing words of appreciation by customers and recognizing the work and actions of fellow employees. We believe that expressions of appreciation enhance employees' motivation and independence, and enables each employee to further embody ANA's Way through their work with the following initiatives.

Showing appreciation to colleges with "Good Job Card"

We began promoting "Good Job Card" in FY2001, to encourage employees to take an interest in each other's work and to promote communication in the workplace and a sense of unity in the group. In FY2014, in addition to a grading system in which points are awarded to both the sender and receiver of a message, it also became possible to send and receive messages via web. In FY2022, there were more than 900,000 messages sent during the Corona Disaster.

By expressing one's thoughts through words, we help to create a culture of mutual respect for colleagues and a sense of confidence and pride in each other's work.

ANA's Way Survey

By monitoring employees' thoughts, attitudes, and workplace satisfaction with regular surveys to improve employee satisfaction (ES) and engagement, and with the additional purpose of improving customer satisfaction and corporate value, we have been conducting the ANA's Way Survey with all Group employees. In FY2022, 35,337 employees from 44 ANA Group companies, including those employed overseas, responded to the survey. (Response rate: 96.1%)
The overall score decreased by 0.01 pt from the previous year (3.93 in FY2022) but improved compared to the pre-Corona period (FY 2019).
Issues and measures identified from the survey results are incorporated into the mid-term management strategy and human resources strategy to resolve issues.

  1. We aim to realize our management strategy by leveraging our diverse "people power" and promoting transformation.
  2. By doing so, we will realize sustainable enhancement of corporate value (economic and social value) and enrichment of the lives of our employees, their families and all those involved.

After conducting the survey, we distribute results to each Group company and department. The results data are utilized to formulate various action plans and to increase communication opportunity at each workplaces.
We believe that the positive activities by our employees will lead to corporate growth and customer satisfaction, and we will continue our efforts to make the ANA Group a rewarding place to work.

Score Transition(Average score of the ANA Group)

Evaluation of ANA's Way Implementation

Based on the five perspectives of "ANA's Way," we confirm the status of demonstration and realization of the Way in daily operations, along with the expected roles required of each position.

Outline of the Evaluation System

  • Set organizational and individual goals.
  • Conduct interviews with evaluators four times a year
    (Goal interview, mid-term review, evaluation interview, and final evaluation feedback interview)
  • Set values required to realize the management vision based on ANA's Way
  • Evaluation of the degree to which employees demonstrate these values through the ANA's Way competencies (the skills and actions required to realize the values)