Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Our BCP details policies and procedures for responding to large-scale disasters to ensure the safety of customers and all ANA Group directors and employees, minimize the impact on management and on society as a whole, and resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

Improve, reinforced communication networks

  • Deploy emergency use radios and satellite telephones
  • Conduct regular employee safety confirmation drills

Backup facility construction, functional improvement

  • Implement regular joint drills and training at backup facilities
  • Ensure equipment and software are up-to-date at all times
  • Conduct equipment operation drills at backup facilities

We plan to develop and distribute education and training materials teaching employees how to protect themselves while engaged in the safety evacuation of customers in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale disaster.

Information Technology Business Continuity Plan (IT-BCP)

The ANA Group uses many systems for business management.
Establishing an information technology business continuity plan (IT-BCP) is essential for safe and stable continuation of our business.
The ANA Group is engaged in a five-year project to build an IT-BCP environment for all systems. This project takes into account the damage projections for an earthquake occurring directly under the Tokyo metropolitan area, as estimated by the Central Disaster Prevention Council operated by Japan's Cabinet Office. We plan to reconstruct multiple lifeline systems in stages in a highly seismically isolated data center by the end of fiscal 2018.
In parallel, we are preparing a backup data center in a remote location as part of disaster recovery (DR) plans that will allow us to continue business operations by switching to a backup data center from our main data center during a disaster.
The system platform of the new data center will make use of virtualization and other advanced IT technologies, contributing to both enhanced system resilience and cost reductions.
The ANA Group will continue to accurately and promptly assess IT risks that pose potentially severe risks to our business. We will make ongoing improvements in both hard and soft aspects of our systems, including processes and trainings allowing for a proper response during emergencies. These efforts will allow us to continue to provide safe and reliable service to our customers, and to fulfill our responsibilities as a critical part of social infrastructure.