Risk Management

Preserve Corporate Value through Safe and Reliable Business Operations

Basic Approach

As the ANA Group has a wide range of business activity that is focused on air transportation, we may be affected by various changes in the business environment.
The ANA Group implements risk management from two perspectives: risk management and crisis response. For our risk management activities, we conduct regular risk analyses within the organization, and update measures based on the results of the analyses. We also establish basic systems and procedures for responding to emergencies and conduct regular drills to prepare for such emergencies. We are building and operating a system to minimize the impact on our business and prevent recurrences by responding accurately to crises in a timely manner.

Risk Prevention

Each Group company implements independent risk management activities (identifying risks, analyzing and evaluating these risks, planning and implementing countermeasures, and monitoring the results). The Group companies monitor and evaluate progress, effectiveness, and level of achievement of the measures taken with respect to significant risks identified in each organization. The ANA Group's General Administration Department takes the lead in implementing measures to address issues faced by the Group, and the Group ESG Management Promotion Committee monitors progress.

Crisis Management in Response to a Risk

In the event of a crisis, we collect accurate information and implement measures to minimize damage, investigate the cause and prevent recurrence.
The overall response is stipulated in the Crisis Management Manual, and a level is determined according to detailed information about the crisis and respond promptly in cooperation with related parties inside and outside the company. In the case of serious incidents, the Head Office Crisis Management Center, headed by the President, will be established to quickly respond to emergency situations. To deal with crises such as accidents, hijackings, etc. that directly affect the operation of aircraft, the company has established detailed procedures in the Emergency Response Manual (ERM) and conducts crisis response training, presuming the cooperation with related parties inside and outside the company.

Risk Management Structure

The Group ESG Management Promotion Committee formulates and implements basic measures in accordance with the fundamental policy decided by the Board of Directors and the ANA Group Total Risk Management Regulations, which stipulate the basic terms of the group's risk management system.
Each ANA department and Group company has established a risk management system by having in place an ESG Promotion Leader (EPL) to actively promote it and an ESG Promotion Officer (EPO) to oversee its promotion.
Each EPL assumes a role to conduct risk management (risk prevention) operations according to plans and take swift action while working with the secretariat in the event of a crisis.