Customer Information Management

In the ANA Group's operations, personal information about customers is indispensable for providing satisfactory service. We consider the information we receive from customers as a valuable asset and handle it with utmost care.

We make maximum effort to properly manage and appropriately use customers' personal information, educating officers and employees thoroughly about laws and internal rules concerning personal information, and maintaining internal systems to protect it. We will work diligently to ensure that personal information is managed properly and used appropriately.

Specific Measures

  • We introduced a self-check system of the status of compliance with information security rules, implemented annually and covering all group companies.
  • On top of our established e-learning seminars, we also provide extra content on the latest case studies and other pertinent knowledge every year to all ANA Group employees so they can understand the importance of information security and ensure its proper implementation.
  • In the Fiscal Year 2013, we conducted site visits and interviews by a specialized team, mainly targeting departments of group companies that deal with the personal information of customers.
  • In the Fiscal Year 2014, the ANA Group will establish an Information Security Desk in each group company that possesses information security skills and expertise.

ANA Sales Co., Ltd., which operates the travel services business, and ANA Business Solutions Co., Ltd., which operates the temporary staffing and employee education and training businesses, have acquired the Privacy Mark from the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community.

The ANA Group as a whole will continue its initiatives to further strengthen its system for protecting personal information.