Honolulu Routes In-Flight Service Update!

ANA provides an even more enjoyable service experience on Honolulu routes.

As part of our Resort Project, we are creating an even more pleasurable flight, and giving customers that "resort" feeling before they arrive in Hawaii.
We have prepared a Hawaiian menu for the Western meal in both Business Class and Economy Class.
To create a truly varied and exciting service for our passengers, we will have Hawaiian background music in the cabin, and we will also be taking commemorative boarding photos.
We hope your fun holiday memories begin with your ANA Honolulu flight!

In-flight Services

■Hawaiian music (Boarding and Disembarking)
Enjoy Hawaiian music at the beginning of your exciting trip and at the end of your trip with fun-filled memories of Hawaii.

■Complimentary Commemorative Photograph
Flight attendants will be on hand to take souvenir photographs in-flight using "Cheki" instant cameras.(Service is subject to flight condition)

■In-flight Hawaiian meal
To give customers a "resort" feeling, Hawaiian menu as the Western choice is provided in both Business Class and Economy Class.

Business Class (Japan departures)
Please enjoy a one-plate menu of a Japanese beef hamburger sandwiched by lotus root with teriyaki-style sauce with horseradish – perfect for late-night flights! As a lighter alternative, we also offer Eggs Benedict with ham and Mornay sauce.

Note: Japanese-style meals are also available.

Business Class Hawaiian menu image
Business Class light dish menu image

Economy Class (Japan departures)
For our Western-style main dish, we also offer loco moco-style beef hamburger steak.

Note: Japanese-style meals are also available.

Economy Class Meal Image

Lucky Ticket Meal Tray

One tray from the first meal served in Economy Class will contain a lucky ticket. We have some small presents and services available in the cabin for the winning customer.

Services for Babies and Children

■Children's earphones for audio

Provided to children upon request, if adult size headphones are too large.Please inquire with your flight attendant.

■SHISEIDO's hypoallergenic skin care product "2e Baby Plus" (sunscreen and so on)

Upon request, SHISEIDO's "2e Baby Plus" will be provided to children and customers with sensitive skin.Please inquire with your flight attendant.

■ Children’s meal: “Decoben” (decorated box meal)

“Decoben” meals are available on flights departing from Narita/Haneda.
For flights departing from Narita/Haneda, we have prepared meals with your child’s nutritional requirements in mind, created by ANA chefs who are parents themselves. (Advance reservation is required.)

For further details, please see the information for passengers travelling with infants or small children [International Flights].

  • ・All images used are for illustrative purposes only.
  • ・Please note meals and services are subject to change.

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