ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service

ANA Mileage Club Family Account (AFA) Service

AFA is a service for members who live outside Japan which allows you to combine the miles earned by your family, and to redeem awards such as ANA and Partner Flight Awards, and ANA International Upgrade Awards.

Service Terms and Mileage Accrual

Customers Who are Eligible for AFA Service

  • ANA Mileage Club members (the primary member) who reside outside Japan can register 2-8 family members (including themselves) for this service. The registered family members can be their spouse or same-sex partner, and relatives within 2 degrees of kinship.
  • Registration of only for the primary member is not accepted.
  • Please note that this service is not available if the registered address for ANA Mileage Club is within Japan.

Registration Fee

  • A registration fee of 1,000 miles shall be required for registration of this service (new registration and registration of additional changes).
  • The registration fee cannot be combined.
  • Registration fee shall be deducted from the Primary Member's mileage account.

Mileage Accrual

Mileage is accrued by each individual ANA Mileage Club member's membership number. Mileage is not accrued by all family members (as a single unit) who are registered for this service.

Method for Combining Mileage

Mileage is combined automatically in accordance with the following order of priority.

Combining Miles Required for Price Adjustments in Conjunction with Award Applications and Seasonality Changes

  1. Earliest expiration date (closest accrual month and year)
  2. Lowest mileage balance
  3. Primary Member
  4. Family Members

Combining Miles Required for Refund Handling Fees

  1. Earliest expiration date (closest accrual month and year)
  2. Lowest mileage balance
  3. Family Members
  4. Primary Member

Refunding of Miles

  1. Most recent expiration date (newest accrual month and year)
  2. Highest mileage balance
  3. Family Members
  4. Primary Member

How to Use the AFA Service

1. Register for AFA Service

After the primary member has logged in, please fill out the Registration Form.

Registration may take approximately 2 weeks.

We may request documents to prove the residence or relationship upon registration.

2. Request an Award

3. Combine Miles


AFA Service Member Miles Accrued
Primary Member 5,000 miles
Spouse 5,000 miles
Child 5,000 miles
Child 5,000 miles

You can redeem ANA Flight Award Economy Class HKG-TYO round trip by 20,000 miles with regular season.

  • * Mileage will be deducted from member who has miles expiring first.

4. Award Ticket Issued

Using Awards

When using an award, the primary member and their family members will combine mileage from their individual accounts for redemption.

How to Use Awards

The Primary Member should apply for awards in the following methods.


  • Make a reservation through the ANA website for an available airline or itinerary.
  • Reservation changes and refunds cannot be requested through the ANA website.


  • The primary member must contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center for their country or region by the request deadline for the relevant award.
  • Note : Please request award redemption with combined miles within the period of validity of the accrued mileage (by the end of the month 36 months after accrual). Expired mileage cannot be combined.

Redeemable Awards

  • *1.
    Based on the condition that any of the members contributing miles must have accrued miles from at least 1 ANA Group international flight within 3 years from the time of the redemption request.
  • * Even if a customer has been registered for the ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service Miles program, the person must also be registered as an award user. See Using and Sharing Awards page for more information about customers who are eligible to use awards.