Visit JAPAN Fare

For travelers to Japan, ANA offers any destination across Japan for only JPY13,000 per flight including code share flights.
*Fares and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.Additional conditions apply.


You can purchase two to five coupons at the following fares:

No. of Coupons Fare Consumption Tax
2 JPY 26,000 JPY 2,600
3 JPY 39,000 JPY 3,900
4 JPY 52,000 JPY 5,200
5 JPY 65,000 JPY 6,500
  • *Eligible routes: All domestic ANA routes within Japan
  • *Consumption tax does not apply to the domestic sectors immediately connecting to/from international flights provided that the connection time between the domestic flight and the international flight is less than 24 hours.
  • *Additional airport fees apply.

Blackout Dates:

March 1st, 2020-March 31st, 2020/July 1st, 2020-August 31st, 2020/December 1st, 2020-January 3rd, 2021/March 1st, 2021-March 31st, 2021/July 1st, 2021-August 31st, 2021
*Subject to change


  • ● Residence outside Japan(Proof required at time of purchase)
  • ● Applicable to passengers with international tickets on any airlines to or via Japan, and a return flight departing from Japan. *Some ticket types are not eligible.
  • ● Visit JAPAN Fare is limited to one (5 segments) per passenger per international trip and must be issued outside Japan.

Children / Infant Discount

  • ● No discount applies for children.(Same as for adults)
  • ● Free of charge for infants under the age of three and not occupying seats.

Reservation, Ticketing and Check-in

  • ● Reservations must be confirmed for the first domestic sector. Once you have decided on the number of flight sectors, the dates of the remaining sectors may be left open and booked at any time before the departure of each domestic sector.(Once you have decided your schedule, please make an advance reservation.)
  • ● Reservations may be accepted no more than 355 days before the departure date of each domestic sector.
  • ● Payment and ticketing must be completed within 72 hours after making reservation.
  • ● Ticketing must be completed before departure for Japan. (Tickets cannot be purchased from within Japan.)
  • ● The fare is set in Japanese yen. However, the settlement payment is in the currency of the country where payment is made.
  • ● If necessary, passengers must present a proof of residence outside of Japan such as a passport/driver's license, at the time of purchase and of Check-in for domestic flights. It is also necessary to present international air tickets or international reservation numbers.
  • ● Please contact ANA reservation centers outside of Japan or your travel agent for reservation and purchasing tickets.(These fares cannot be purchased online)
    Depending on the country where the ticket was reserved and purchased, ticket service charges may be applied.
  • ● "SKIP Service" cannot be used.

Checked Baggage

  • ● Free baggage allowance uses a piece system as same as one of international flight.
    Please check the baggage rules.

Date Change, Routing Change, and Endorsement

  • ● Rebooking is not permitted for the first domestic sector.However, change to an earlier flight is permitted at the airport on the day of departure on a stand-by basis.
  • ● Rebooking for the remaining sectors is permitted at any time before departure.Coupons are valid for 60 days from the departure date of the first sector.
  • ● Change of routing is not permitted.
  • ● Changing to another carrier is not permitted.

Mileage accrual



  • ● Totally unused: Refund less a cancellation charge of JPY 5,000.
  • ● Airpass partially unused: The refund will be the difference between the fare paid and the applicable normal fare for the portions used.
  • ● Refunds shall be made at the original ticketing office. They cannot be made in Japan.

*For refund requests, please contact ANA Branch office(overseas) or the travel agency which you made your reservation.